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149/2011 a closer look

149/2011 a closer look, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

‘Bergenia crassifolia’ – wikipedia tells me is called either pigsqueak or elephant’s ears in English. First time I hear these names! I had a hard time even remembering the Finnish name – ‘vuorenkilpi’ (shield of a mountain). It’s a hardy, reliable perennial, lining the side of our yard. Most of the year, only the big, leathery leaves are visible. In fact, usually the leaves are green as soon as the snow first melts. It is only for a short time in spring that we see the rhubarb like stems with these flowers.

I don’t normally pay much attention to these flowers but somehow today, after the rain, the colour stood out amidst all the dark green. On a closer look, the clustered little pink blooms are very pretty. I’m sure to remember the name from now on!


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