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176/2011 daisies in the wind

176/2011 daisies in the wind, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

The delicate daisy petals look quite frazzled as they flap about in the grip of almost stormy blusters of wind. They really stood out against the old grey stone wall. I’ve been struck by all the different wall designs I’ve seen during this stay in England. These natural stone ones attract my eyes the most. Imagine somebody collecting and choosing all the round stones and arranging them to build the wall!

The idea of walled-in homes and property is quite alien to me. Back at home it’s so much more open, with only the occasional hedge to give some privacy from the street. Crowded Britain versus scarcely populated Finland! Come to think of it, the Finnish walls seem to be more of the mental kind. To feel comfortable we need quite a large personal space around us, which over here is mostly impossible. Pretty as they are, after a while, the many walls make me feel quite claustophobic.

I’ve already collected a whole set of various wall pictures.


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