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174/2011 in memory

174/2011 in memory, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Dedicating public benches to passed away loved ones is something I only learned about in England. At home, in Finland, burial places and funerals are rooted in quite a uniform tradition, as most other rites of passage of life, too.

I find providing passers-by a welcome rest along the road, in a park, or a pub garden as this one here, a nice alternative way to be remembered.

This was a day down memory lane, on a pub crawl around town. So many old pubs have been closed down, and others modernised so much that it’s only the old walls that remind you of what used to be. Signs of the times (an me getting older!) seem to be extremely loud music, open spaces without the old nooks and crannies, and much more light than in the murky old-fashioned pubs. Changes are good, and unavoidable, but it was also nice to see that some pubs had tried to preserve the old atmosphere. Here is a set of some details that caught my eye in the different pub decors.


173/2011 tennis and cream tea

173/2011 tennis and cream tea, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

After watching Wimbledon tennis on TV, we appriopriately found this quirky “tennis match” teapot on the window cill of the country tea house we visited. It is an example of Sadler vintage pottery, an English company founded in 1882, and generally considered synonymous with quality and good taste. Their teapots have found their way around the world, and are also quite collectable. Possibly not so practical in everyday use, but certainly pretty to look at. Must say, today’s tennis fashions look quite different 🙂

We went to the countryside to have Sussex cream tea, which is a summer must for us. The portions consists of black tea (with milk of course) in beautiful china cups, and scones with strawberry jam and clotted cream. Delicious!


172/2011 summer solstice

172/2011 summer solstice, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Longest day of the year, and then we’ll turn towards winter again! It’s really the glass half full / half empty situation again. My holiday has hardly begun, and the thought of winter already enters my mind!

These soft and delicately green weeds, obstinaely pushing through the pebbles on the beach, were swaying invitingly in the seaside wind as I walked past. The evening sun shed warm light on them, while casting dark shadows on the stones. The English longest day was considerably shorter than the Finnish one – it got dark before 10pm here. Compare that to my Finnish photo from last year.


171/2011 catnapping

171/2011 catnapping, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Totally contented, and oblivious to the rest of the world. Just slightly opened its eyes at the sounds of my clicking camera, blissfully streched its legs, and then carried on sleeping. I wonder why on the bonnet of the car, though? Maybe it was warm – or just nice and smooth?


170/2011 by the sea

170/2011 by the sea, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

The English Channel is never still. Today, with the blustery winds, the waves were almost terrifying. So different from the calm and quiet waters of Finland!

I believe in the therapeutic powers of nature. The sound of the sea, gently lapping ashore, or roaring like a beast, always calms me down. As does this view – one of my favourites along the south coast of England: the Seven Sisters chalk cliffs.


169/2011 at the country pub

169/2011 at the country pub, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

The English country pub tradition seems to be alive and well. With their large gardens, they also welcome families with children. Parents can enjoy their meals and, if they are lucky, some locally brewed real ale, too, while children run around and play (we passed by a bit too early on this Saturday evening for the locals to have gone out for dinner, hence the still totally empty tables and benches). Food is usually fresh and delicious, service friendly with lots of banter and smiles, and the architecture of the old houses offers additional interest.

In the middle of the ever accelerating change everywhere these days, it’s nice to see something old, traditional and stable.

PS. For the next two weeks I’ve got to rely on my little pocket-size Panasonic, as I gave my Canon to my daughter, who went to South Africa for an eco volunteering experience. It will be a challenge for me to work with a camera without the powerful zoom lens but a good learning experience, too, to try and see things differently, not to mention to experiment with all the functions of this camera without the instruction booklet that I left at home.


168/2011 rain rain go away

168/2011 rain rain go away, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Miserable day, with downpours on and off all day. Stereotypical English weather, right? Yet, we are actually in the “Sun Trap of the South” with plenty of gorgeous sunshine all summer.

I didn’t mind really, though, as this gave me a good excuse to stay in all day and catch up with all the reading put to one side during the hectic school year. Finished Amy Chua’s ‘Tiger Mother’  in a couple of hours – a real page turner. Now onto Elizabeth Gilbert’s ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ – wonderful holiday reading!


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