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214/2011 busy afternoon in the garden

A beautiful hot afternoon created quite a commotion in our little garden. The buzz and flutter that went on in the trees, bushes and around plants was amazing. I spent hours trying to catch some close-ups of the beautiful visitors.

These butterflies are maybe the most common around here. In Finnish we call them “stinging nettle butterflies” but I found out that in English they are called “small tortoiseshells” (I wonder why?). The Finnish name is quite logical since the larvae feed on stinging nettles. These colourful creatures seem to love our mint flowers. This photo revealed to me how transluscent their wings are, and how their antennae almost look wiry close up! I was also totally unaware how hairy they are in the middle!

I started wondering how much primary school teachers or biology teachers make use of all modern technology to get students into hands-on nature observation.


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