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237/2011 at the Art Chapel

237/2011 at the Art Chapel, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

This unusual masterpiece of modern architecture is St. Henry’s ecumenical art chapel, built on an island, off our town, in 2005. From the outside it resembles a fish, or a boat turned upside down. The outside shape and copper walls give little indication of the warm Finnish pine interior. Its simplicity is breathtakingly beautiful, and every detail is meticulously thought through! The natural light from both sides of the altar, creates a constantly changing ambience of shadows. No wonder it is very popular for weddings. The chapel, as its name suggests, also holds art exhibitions, and thanks to its wonderful acoustics, it is used as a concert venue, too.

I never knew that our town has such a architectural gem until I got a chance to visit it for a guided tour today. This is what it looks like outside.


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