263/2011 gerbera labyrinth

263/2011 gerbera labyrinth, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

After a pause of a couple of years, this blaze of colourful flowers has filled the space in front of the Cathedral again. It’s an environmental work of art by artist Kaisa Salmi. In 2008, it was called ‘Gerbera sea’. This time, the 5000 gerberas of different colours have been arranged in circles, with narrow paths in between, as in a labyrinth. In the middle of the labyrinth, there are old, worn white leather couches, and a table set with plates and glasses of wine.

It was an invigorating experience to walk round and round, soaking in the bright colours of the flowers. Another exciting event, provided for us by the European Capital of Culture year. At noon on Friday, the flowers, donated by a local garden, will be given away to any residents who care to go and pick them. I might go and bring one of these orange ones home – if I’m quick and lucky enough!

This is how the whole arrangment looked:

And here is the link to the whole set of my gerbera pictures from today. I also found a video from 2008, where the same artist is setting up her first gerbera installation, at the same place.

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