268/2011 imagination

268/2011 imagination, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

What do you see? I see a funny creature with a strange nose and a goatee. Poor thing has been up all night, playing computer games, hence the weary-eyed look. He is quite embarrassed of his shabby look, too – hence the slight blush on his cheeks, while being photographed. 🙂

Today I read about the impacts of hours of daily exposure to virtual experiences on young brains. Sceptics claim that this is bound to deprive our youngsters of linguistic and visual imagination, lead to a decline in creativity and limit their ability of complex thinking. True, if all they do, day in day out, is play the same computer games, while updating their Facebook statuses.

There are huge expectations of us teachers to use ICT , to facilitate critical thinking, and learning to learn for life, but hardly any sound, tested pedagogical applications available yet. Can we even imagine what will best serve our students after they leave school?

1 Response to “268/2011 imagination”

  1. 1 Susan van Gelder
    September 29, 2011 at 18:14

    At least we are trying to prepare them to be think creatively, problem-solve and analyze – so whatever they may do in the future they will be able to adapt to the many changes that will inevitably come along.

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