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276/2011 wet wet wet

276/2011 wet wet wet, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Good name for a band 🙂 Dreary day.


275/2011 SNOW??

275/2011 SNOW??, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Glanced out of the window, and saw this. I had to do a double take as I first thought it really was the first snow!

Luckily it wasn’t – only our neighbour washing his car. After yesterday’s heat, the temperature dropped almost 10 degrees in one night. Who knows how soon the first snow will fall!


274/2011 evening calm

274/2011 evening calm, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Just before sunset. A mirror-like surface of the river. Still enough light to see the autumn-coloured trees on the left bank. A brief moment and atmosphere, digitally captured. Not quite as intense as it looked in reality.


273/2011 soaking in the colours

273/2011 soaking in the colours, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

An unusually hot day for the time of the year, and I was lucky to be by the sea in Helsinki. The solitary rowan tree really stood out in its striking autumn colours. I could have sat there for ages, enjoying the warmth, and storing all the goodness of the sun for the dark time to come.


272/2011 on the buses

272/2011 on the buses, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Felt like I spent most of today on the bus. I took our five Spanish exchange students for a 2-day training course in Helsinki. At the crack of dawn, we took the bus to Helsinki, two and a half hours. The first programme there, was a 2-hour sightseeing tour, on the bus again!

The Helsinki sightseeing bus was very appropriate for the season – nice maple leaves with reddish edges decorated both sides.


271/2011 end of the day

271/2011 end of the day, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

A busy day ended in a spectacular sunset. Lucky for me, as I hadn’t had any time for photos earlier. The red lines were almost like neon lights!

I’ve been expecting to see northern lights one night. There have been articles in the press that this year, we might see them even here in the south. Usually you only see them up in Lapland. The colours here are not the northern lights, but they reminded me of them. Will have to stay up and keep my eyes open on clear nights!


270/2011 in lilliput land

270/2011 in lilliput land, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Couldn’t you just imagine a tiny fairy, with transparent wings, hiding behind this umbrella-like cutie, on the thick and soft, mossy-green carpet 🙂

It seems to be a really good mushroom year. Some colleagues boast about dozens of kilos picked in the forest. Sadly, I am not that keen on eating them but find them interesting to look at on the ground.