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153/2011 my budding summer

153/2011 my budding summer, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Not quite began but almost there – 2 more days of school left! Exam marking and grading done. Only festivities and graduation left.

Anticipation of the soon beginning long holiday is so sweet. LIke seeing the slowly unfolding petals of this mountain cornflower.


064/2011 a lovely sight

064/2011 a lovely sight, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

The sun is getting more and more powerful, day by day. Today I could almost see the piles of snow getting lower in front of my eyes! Streets are full of puddles, and roofs almost clear of snow.

It’s a messy time, but how I love this mess!


001/2011 something old, something new

001/2011 something old, something new, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! New beginnings and resolutions. And blank new pages for my old diary. Time to wrap up the past year, reflect and turn a fresh, new leaf. Also time to start a new series of daily photos, but collecting them in this old blog, which I grew to like a lot during last year.

No matter how much we might want to change, and do things better in the new year, the old and familiar also follows us. Change for change’s sake is futile – the trick is to try and improve what doesn’t work. My focus will be on time management. That is why, I have decided to leave the Daily Shoot assignments on a regular basis, and only do my 365 daily photo.

I have also decided to make space for more bling-bling glitter moments to break everyday routines, whenever possible!


#223 open sesame

223/365 open sesame, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Another school year is opening in front of me. Time of change, back to daily working routine,

A more abstract gate also exists to the realm of learning. I often wish I had the magic password to help each student open the gate to enter their personal learning space. Missing the universal key, I guess we will try to pick the lock in varied creative ways, and hopefully learn many skills in the process.



An incredibly beautiful first of January here in Finland. Temperature around minus 12 Celsius, loads of crisp, pure snow and even the sun came out for a while after days and days of grey skies. Mother nature really helped to create a positive and upbeat feeling for a great, new beginning.

As I wrote before, for me, the beginning of the year means stepping on a new, unfamiliar road. I don’t know what’s round the bend, but I have set my foot firmly on this road, and look forward to following it wherever it will lead me.

To get my first 365-challenge photo I went for a stroll around our house to get some winter shots. In the end, I found it very difficult to choose the first picture for this challenge. I really wanted to depict the new road idea, so here we are. If the weather continues like this, I think I need to invent some clever photography gloves to stop my fingers from freezing in the cold.

You can see the rest of today’s Winter wonderland photos in this Flickr set.


it’s the last day of the year

I always see the beginning of a new year as a full turn into an unknown road. This time I am starting the challenge of recording the mileposts on that road as daily photos on Flickr, and with short captions in this blog.

I love social media for allowing me to find advice, tips and inspiration for this project. I wouldn’t even have known about these projects if it wasn’t for Tania Sheko, who I have met through her blog and on Twitter! At the moment, I am toying with questions such as which titles I should choose for each photo – only a number in the style of 001/365 or a number and a descriptive name. Should I just have one set on Flickr, or create a different set for each month and then put them in a collection? I rather like colemama’s neat organisation of her two years of 365 photos. Her collections include not only all the pictures of that year in a set, but a separate set for each month, too. What’s more, she has created really nice mosaics of all the photos in a month – an idea that I might borrow from her.

I expect I will not only be learning a lot about photography myself, but also seeing a myriad of wonderful photos from around the world! I can’t possibly imagine the discipline and effort required by this endeavour. For now, though, I only feel enthusiastic and impatient! Better charge all camera batteries overnight.


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