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261/2011 heading south

261/2011 heading south, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Loud bird shrieks made me look up, to see big flocks of cranes, getting into their flying formations, to leave Finland for the winter. The organisation of their flying routines is really amazing, as is their orienteering across continents. Nature sure is full of wonders!

The sight of migratory birds in the sky makes me quite nostalgic. Lucky birds, in a way, escaping from the cold to the warmth of southern Europe or Africa. Welcome back next spring!


226/2011 bye bye summer!

226/2011 bye bye summer!, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

My idea was to try and get the metal fence and then the bright water park bouncy castle colours in the background to represent how the gate to the bright and carefree summer will be closed again, as it’s the last day of my summer holiday today.

Then suddenly, this little sparrow stopped on the fence. Actually turned out quite a nice and happy shot!


#350 nightly visitors

350/365 nightly visitors, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Following the Daily Shoot assignment again:

Find a repeating pattern today and make a photograph of it.

Here is one cute one from our garden patio. Birds and other little animals often walk across it at night time, looking for something to eat in the bleak coldness. I do admire them for surviving out there!


#289 on the edge

289/365 on the edge, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Edges were today’s Daily Shoot:

Make a photograph of an edge of something today. The edge of a knife, the waters edge, or some other edge.

I went out to an island off our town, looking for pictures of the water’s edge along the Baltic sea. I also dropped into  a cafe there, and was fascinated by a few great tits, fluttering about to peck on the crumbs of buns and cakes left on the plates on the outside terrace.

I saw the birds on different edges, and kept snapping away. This particular picture made me think of myself, though. Indecision is one of my great problems. I often teeter on the edge far too long, unable to choose either side. I wish I was more like this little birdie. Just look at the determined posture, before, without any hesitation, it quickly hopped onto the table. Taking some time to think twice may be wise at times, but so is being brave enough to jump over the edge.


#214 baby blackbird

214/365 baby blackbird, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

We’ve had a ‘pet’ bird hopping around the house for a few days. We guess it’s a young female blackbird. It keeps coming back, looking for worms and insects, probably building up strength for the long migration south for the winter.

Today I finally managed to get a picture of it on the wooden garden fence. What a fluffy beauty!


#168 nature and nurture

168/365 nature and nurture, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Followed this endearing bird family by the seaside today. The little chicks were adorable, like incredibly soft, furry balls with a tiny beak. The moment I approached, pointing my camera at them, the mother (or father??) started loud warning sounds to summon the babies away from the threatening intruder. One little chick was either a weak swimmer, or just liked the comfort of a free ride, and kept climbing on mummy’s back.

I made a whole photo story about this bird family.

This family scene of caring for the little ones, reminded me of my own family. How many times I have carried our daughter, literally or in spirit, when she has needed my help and support. Will I have guided her well enough to survive when she starts her independent university life in a new country in September? And what will happen to these cute chicks when they fly off, out of the reach of parents’ warnings?

Actually, families, relationships, connections and networks have been on my mind a lot this week, especially after reading Mark Pesce’s lecture ‘Helicopter lessons’.  There is a lot of food for thought in it, for parents and educators alike. Also there is a lot to be said about extending our caring outside our immediate family. We should offer our back to anyone who needs to be carried for a while.


#150 still waiting

150/365 still waiting, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Posted this picture 10 days ago but thought I’d try another one to go with the Daily Shoot theme:

Sunday challenge time! Find any sort of wildlife today, and make a photo. Get in close if you can and focus on the eyes.

And the mother/father bird is still patiently sitting on the eggs. The nest is so awkwardly close to the corner of the carport that it has to keep its tail up against the wall. Looks rather uncomfortable.

It’s amazing how we seem to have developed an understanding of peaceful coexistence. The bird doesn’t seem to be bothered by us driving in and out, and we, in turn, don’t intrude by inspecting the nest when the bird has flown away to find some food. So we don’t even know how many eggs there are.

We think this is a female blackbird, and sometimes it seems that the darker black male pops round as well. We are not quite sure, though. If it is a blackbird, the baby birds should hatch in about two weeks, so not long now. I do hope everything is OK and that I will soon be able to announce the happy news.


#143 it wasn’t us!

143/365 it wasn’t us!, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

“If we stay cool and look the other way, nobody will suspect us!”

Took our Indian guests to Helsinki for the day. There is this one statue in a park right in the centre of town that seems to be the favourite spot of seagulls. It’s actually quite hilarious how they stay there, almost like a permanent hat on the guy’s head – with the inevitable consequences… There is humour around us in unexpected places!


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