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245/2011 happy nameday to me!

245/2011 happy nameday to me!, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

And thank you dear colleagues for these lovely mums, to decorate our yard, and extend the blooming season before winter. These flowers are usually quite hardy, and can survive even the first frosty nights.


232/2011 ripe

232/2011 ripe, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Sure sign of the arrival of autumn is the ripening of apples in the trees. This delicious assortment decorated one of the tables in my brother’s garden, at the bbq party to celebrate his 50th birthday. Ripe, old age, you could say! And the fact that he is my little brother made me feel ancient! But the party was great!


218/2011 summer cake

218/2011 summer cake, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

The day of our annual family reunion, this time organized by me and my brothers. Over 50 people came, and also special birthdays were celebrated. This is the most traditional Finnish summer cake – cream and strawberries. But this time, a special added twist – edible flowers! Don’t they look cute!


203/2011 love is in the air

203/2011 love is in the air, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

My oldest friend got remarried today, and asked me to take some pictures at the church.

A new chance of happiness – that’s what everybody deserves!


162/2011 happy birthday to you

162/2011 happy birthday to you, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Celebrated my husband’s birthday ‘on the road’. An ideal present – a bouquet of wild flowers picked in a meadow to bring some warmth and life into an otherwise impersonal, standard hotel room.


155/2011 congratulations!

155/2011 congratulations!, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

High school graduation day with thousands of roses everywhere. Hopeful youngsters with all doors open. Proud parents and relatives, smiling guests. After the ceremony at school, we visited friends’ graduation parties. The weather couldn’t have been better, so garden parties were a huge success. My friend had decorated all the tables in their garden with blue bowls filled with white roses – festive with the Finnish colours.


129/2011 happy europe day!

129/2011 happy europe day!, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

On May 9, 1950 Robert Schuman made a historic declaration, which can be seen as the beginning of the European Union. Today, all over Europe this date is celebrated as a day of peace and unity.

I happen to be in Helsinki again, for yet another training course. Passing our Parliament House in the afternoon, the construction crane next to it reminded me of the hectic negotiations going on inside, to try and get together our new government. Ironically, for the European ideals, the main dividing issue between the political parties is how to deal with supporting struggling European neighbours with their financial crises.

The grand slogan “Europe, United in Diversity” seems to be rather elusive these days, with more and more discord being heard in the supposedly common chorus.