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#361 looking for new horizons

361/365 looking for new horizons, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

The end of the year is the time for taking stock of the one just passed, and looking ahead towards new challenges and adventures. I know already that there will be some big changes to my job description next year, which I’m looking forward to very much.

The new year may bring stormy winds at times, but hopefully the pink in the horizon heralds good things to come, too.

I just love the sound of the waves along the English coast!


#266 autumnal equinox

266/365 autumnal equinox, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Day and night are the same length again today. In the eternal cycle of seasons, we are on our way towards dark days here in the northern hemisphere.

Plants also seem to be half way there in their preparation for winter hibernation. I got stuck with autumn leaves again, looking for symmetry for the Daily Shoot.

Symmetry can be calm and soothing. Make a photo today featuring symmetry, either in subject or composition. (@logista)

A maple leaf is naturally symmetrical in shape, and in the vein structure. However, the symmetry of this perishing leaf is far from perfect. Something has nibbled away at the edges, and the changes in the colouring are not even either. While the right side veins are obviously blocked and have turned red, there is still some vital chlorophyll flowing through the veins of the left side.

I’m wondering whether 100 %, perfect symmetry can only be man-made while nature always produces little flaws? Compared to flawless symmetry, I think these natural imperfections add some raw energy and life.


#263 stages

263/365 stages, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Nature is going through the gradual seasonal changes. While some leaves are still beautifully green, others have already lost the green chlorophyll, and turned yellow, orange and red. Others still have had it, and are piling on the ground.

Every season has its charm, and the slow change from summer to winter, which offers the chance to enjoy this colourful beauty, makes it easier to adapt.


#260 a time for every event under heaven

A fallen leaf, still flaming red but soon to be trampled down and forgotten. For me today, this picture spoke about endings and the transience of life. A long, and the most important, phase in my life has come to an end. My daughter has flown off the nest.

Just as the cycles of nature, also changes in life are inevitable, and even if welcome, oh, what mixed feelings they create! Luckily, this sad leaf holds in it the promise and reassurance of a new spring. Similarly, children may be out of your sight, but never out of your heart!


#259 last family dinner for a while

Made me smile when I read today’s Daily Shoot assignment on the screen today:

Preparing or eating food is a rhythmic part of life. Make a photo of a meal you prepared our ate today.

I was just rushing off to go home to prepare a special meal for the evening during my two free hours in the middle of the day. It’s the day of sending our only child off to the big, wide world. Our daughter will be leaving off to university abroad later tonight. She wished for my vegetarian lasagne as the last dinner together.

I am so happy for her, and at the same time, I can’t deny that the empty nest syndrome is kicking in a little, too. Tomorrow there will only be two plates on the table – and looks like warmed up left-overs from today to eat. The rhythm will change – and I will have to get used to buying and cooking much less!


#211 a curve on the road

211/365 a curve on the road, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

I was looking at pavements today – for the Daily Shoot, as usual.

Pavement comes in many flavors. Asphalt. Concrete. Bricks. Stones. Make a photo of some pavement you see today.

Got this shot of the curve just below our home. It made me think about life and the twists and turns it brings our way.

A big twist is just round the corner for me – my only daughter moving out to start her university studies. I am already feeling the notorious ’empty nest syndrome’ setting in.

Usually, I enjoy unpredictability and changes in everyday routine (or at least the avoidance of rut!), but this time, the change seems too overwhelming for me – even though, for the last two years, it’s been so clear that it’s about time for your young lady to start her own life. I have even started dreaming about a total change of lifestyle for myself – change of career, or change of country perhaps? Who knows what’s round that bend for me!


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