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#305 happy birthday darling!

305/365 happy birthday darling!, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

It’s our daughter’s birthday but she is far away. We went for a coffee to ‘celebrate’ anyway, and reminisce on 20 years ago when she was first born.


#259 last family dinner for a while

Made me smile when I read today’s Daily Shoot assignment on the screen today:

Preparing or eating food is a rhythmic part of life. Make a photo of a meal you prepared our ate today.

I was just rushing off to go home to prepare a special meal for the evening during my two free hours in the middle of the day. It’s the day of sending our only child off to the big, wide world. Our daughter will be leaving off to university abroad later tonight. She wished for my vegetarian lasagne as the last dinner together.

I am so happy for her, and at the same time, I can’t deny that the empty nest syndrome is kicking in a little, too. Tomorrow there will only be two plates on the table – and looks like warmed up left-overs from today to eat. The rhythm will change – and I will have to get used to buying and cooking much less!


#247 on the catwalk

247/365 on the catwalk, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Fun day watching our daughter at a modelling gig at a local mall. It was an autumn fashion show, including a lot of knitwear to keep us warm in the cooling temperatures.

Thumbs up to the girls strutting up and down the slippery floor in these heels! No wonder their skinny bodies seemed to be nothing but long legs. Our girl is the one behind, with the skirt and white mittens.


#198 congratulations!

198/365 congratulations!, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Graduation day – finally. And here she is, our beautiful graduate. So happy, smiling all day, together with the gorgeous sun. All the hours, days (and late nights!) and weeks of school, essays, projects and exams are over, and now the world and all the opportunities are awaiting her, plus a place at a university in Scotland. Cheers to that!

Following the Finnish tradition, even IB graduates here get the white caps as a sign of passing their high school final exams.


#191 switching roles

191/2010 switching roles, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

I wasn’t too keen on today’s Daily Shoot task.

Who are you? Make a self portrait today and show the rest of us what you look like.

In general, I’d rather stay behind the camera than be photographed myself. I’ve been like this most of my life. I get very self-conscious about posing, and quite honestly, I don’t think I’m very photogenic. Most photos of me are either with my eyes closed, or with a totally unnatural, wooden expression on my face. I just freeze in front of the camera. Lack of practice, my daughter – a real poser – would say. Sometimes I’ve thought that, later on, when my daughter possibly goes through all my photos, she will be wondering, “But where’s mum? What did she look like?” Maybe I ought to have more pictures of myself for her to look back on.

Actually, it’s a very challenging question to ask: who are you. How do you show to strangers the essence of yourself in just one two dimensional photo, or how much of yourself do you want to reveal publicly anyway? I guessed many people in the Daily Shoot group would go for abstract, symbolic self-portraits with artistically high-quality pictures. I, however, read the assignment quite literally. Deep inside I don’t feel much different now than when I was just a girl. It’s such a pity that my photographs don’t depict my inner self any more! Nevertheless, I wanted to try to be young again, so I decided to try a typical “teen-pose” in front the mirror. I asked my daughter to show me how it’s done. She’s a real pro at this, and willingly taught me the tricks of the trade. I wasn’t a very fast-learning student, though… Consequently, today’s pictures became just tongue-in-cheek snaps.

This happens more and more at school, too. I am learning to be the facilitator, and give up my position as the sole possessor of knowledge that I need to fill students’ brains with. Especially with technology, but very often with English vocabulary, too, it’s the students who, in turn, teach and guide me. It’s really liberating to free yourself from the idea that to keep face, you need to know it all.


#190 dress hunting

190/2010 dress hunting, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

This afternoon was spent frantically looking for a graduation dress for our daughter. Here, graduates don’t wear the long gowns as in many other countires, so the choice of dress for girls is most important.

It was lovely going round some little boutiques, where you can still enjoy special, personal service. Sure made a nice change to the serve-yourself chain stores And our search paid off, as we did find a dream creation in this young designer’s place. It’s not often that you get to go to a dressing room like this, is it – and this is only one half of it!


#187 time to celebrate

186/365 time to celebrate, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Our daughter received the results of her final IB exams today, and did very well. Finally, the anticipation and anxiety is over, and she can leave school years behind her. That was worth celebrating a little at home tonight – before the official graduation ceremony in a couple weeks’ time.

The strawberries she brought from her job at the marketplace tasted just as good as they looked.


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