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280/2011 by the fire

280/2011 by the fire, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

After a long long day of work and in-service training, what bliss to come home, kick back and wind down by the blazing fire that dear hubby had prepared for me. Candles and all. Autumn isn’t all misery and gloom!


246/2011 barbeque

246/2011 barbeque, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Saturday evening in our garden, and no rain for a change. Good time to get rid of some twigs, and barbeque our supper on the ashes. Nice crackling sound, lovely warmth and a homely smell.


#295 around the fire

295/365 around the fire, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

A biting northerly wind has brought winter in the air. What nicer way to forget the cold and misery of the weather than invite some friends over, and spend the night around a warming fire with chat and some goodies to eat!

The crackle of the fire has a natural calming effect. It is also very inspirational, with its power and constantly changing form. No wonder, people all through the ages have gathered around different types of fires, to exchange stories and experiences. Staring at a fire is good for the soul of busy modern people, who are too glued to screens all the time.