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265/2011 it’s the little things

265/2011 it’s the little things, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

A pot plant, which we thought was just a green plant, has surprised us with these two blooms. We’ve had it for about a year, and enjoyed the greenery of its waxy, hardy leaves, never expecting to see any flowers on it.

I am reminded, once again, of the meaning and importance of the little things in life.


263/2011 gerbera labyrinth

263/2011 gerbera labyrinth, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

After a pause of a couple of years, this blaze of colourful flowers has filled the space in front of the Cathedral again. It’s an environmental work of art by artist Kaisa Salmi. In 2008, it was called ‘Gerbera sea’. This time, the 5000 gerberas of different colours have been arranged in circles, with narrow paths in between, as in a labyrinth. In the middle of the labyrinth, there are old, worn white leather couches, and a table set with plates and glasses of wine.

It was an invigorating experience to walk round and round, soaking in the bright colours of the flowers. Another exciting event, provided for us by the European Capital of Culture year. At noon on Friday, the flowers, donated by a local garden, will be given away to any residents who care to go and pick them. I might go and bring one of these orange ones home – if I’m quick and lucky enough!

This is how the whole arrangment looked:

And here is the link to the whole set of my gerbera pictures from today. I also found a video from 2008, where the same artist is setting up her first gerbera installation, at the same place.


245/2011 happy nameday to me!

245/2011 happy nameday to me!, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

And thank you dear colleagues for these lovely mums, to decorate our yard, and extend the blooming season before winter. These flowers are usually quite hardy, and can survive even the first frosty nights.


209/2011 yellow beauty

209/2011 yellow beauty, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

These unknown yellow flowers arched their heavy tops so beautifully over the pavements that I just had to stop to take a picture. I don’t know if they are wild, or if the town has planted them there, but what a delight they are!


200/2011 fleeting moments

200/2011 fleeting moments, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

I realized today that my summer holiday is well into its second half now. These wild flowers in the vase are also beyond their prime, and will soon wither away. All this reminds me again to enjoy every moment to the fullest!


187/2011 beautiful surprise

187/2011 beautiful surprise, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

A patch of green leaves started growing in one corner of our garden. We thought they were weeds, and mowed them away last summer. This year, however, in the rush of leaving for holiday we left them – only to find these interesting blooms on return. They certainly don’t look like weeds!

Nature has such power to fill our lives with beauty and pleasure! And, contrary to what I wrote yesterday, sometimes things get better when just left!


182/2011 “drops of blood”

182/2011 "drops of blood", originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Fuchsias are thriving in English gardens. As I’m only used to them as pot plants back at home, seeing the big bushes here is a real feast.

You may be wondering about the title of this picture. Interestingly, that’s what the Finnish name of this flower translates as. I can see the resemblance but I must say ‘fuchsia’ sounds so much gentler.


167/2011 symbols

167/2011 symbols, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

This sight of calla lilies blooming in an English front garden, startled me today. In Finland, or at least for me, they are first and foremost a funeral flower. I would never have them in a vase at home, or plant them in my garden. Beautiful as they are, they would only make me all sad and mournful. It’s interesting to compare the differences in cultural symbols and connotations.


159/2011 on a country walk

159/2011 on a country walk, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

I love the Sussex countryside, especially in summer. The handmade old stone walls are unique – each with their own patterns. Let alone the myriad of colourful summer flowers in the most unexpected places!


157/2011 summer and strawberries

157/2011 summer and strawberries, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Our house was built on the land of an old, half wild garden. We still enjoy some of the plants and trees from those times. In front of our kitchen window, we have kept a small green area separate from the concrete of the rest of the yard. Every summer we get a dozen or so wild strawberries in this small area. Seems like this year will be good, too.

Tiny, wild strawberries are the sweetest of all. My old godmother in eastern Finland used to pick enough in the forest to make several jars of jam. As a child I couldn’t imagine anything better in summer than her pancakes with the wild strawberry jam.


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