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167/2011 symbols

167/2011 symbols, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

This sight of calla lilies blooming in an English front garden, startled me today. In Finland, or at least for me, they are first and foremost a funeral flower. I would never have them in a vase at home, or plant them in my garden. Beautiful as they are, they would only make me all sad and mournful. It’s interesting to compare the differences in cultural symbols and connotations.


159/2011 on a country walk

159/2011 on a country walk, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

I love the Sussex countryside, especially in summer. The handmade old stone walls are unique – each with their own patterns. Let alone the myriad of colourful summer flowers in the most unexpected places!


157/2011 summer and strawberries

157/2011 summer and strawberries, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Our house was built on the land of an old, half wild garden. We still enjoy some of the plants and trees from those times. In front of our kitchen window, we have kept a small green area separate from the concrete of the rest of the yard. Every summer we get a dozen or so wild strawberries in this small area. Seems like this year will be good, too.

Tiny, wild strawberries are the sweetest of all. My old godmother in eastern Finland used to pick enough in the forest to make several jars of jam. As a child I couldn’t imagine anything better in summer than her pancakes with the wild strawberry jam.


154/2011 summer nectar

154/2011 summer nectar, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

After ten o’clock at night, sitting in the then refreshingly cool garden, after a hot day. Bumblebees were still busy collecting all the sweet summer nectar available everywhere. This one was absolutely loaded with it, but still wanting more. I feel the same – can’t get enough of the early summer treasures.


151/2011 end of may

151/2011 end of may, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Our national flower, the lily of the valley, “kielo” in Finnish. Thousands of blooms are now opening in the forest behind our house. A good end to my “flowery” May, since out of the 31 May photos, 16 featured different flowers. Shows what I’ve been missing!

Another picture that could do with the “scratch and smell” feature. The scent in the forest is intoxicating! I don’t care to pick any to put in a vase, since they tend to be very short-lived, and actually I find the scent too overpowering indoors.


150/2011 happy

150/2011 happy, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Such a sense of accomplishment – I am finally up-to-date with my daily photos again! Pheww! I want to celebrate this great feeling with these bright and happy yellow flowers from our garden (doronicum orientale – leopard’s bane in English, the net tells me).

I hope to find a way of convincing my quitting students of the value of persevering, despite inevitable hard times, delays and problems.


149/2011 a closer look

149/2011 a closer look, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

‘Bergenia crassifolia’ – wikipedia tells me is called either pigsqueak or elephant’s ears in English. First time I hear these names! I had a hard time even remembering the Finnish name – ‘vuorenkilpi’ (shield of a mountain). It’s a hardy, reliable perennial, lining the side of our yard. Most of the year, only the big, leathery leaves are visible. In fact, usually the leaves are green as soon as the snow first melts. It is only for a short time in spring that we see the rhubarb like stems with these flowers.

I don’t normally pay much attention to these flowers but somehow today, after the rain, the colour stood out amidst all the dark green. On a closer look, the clustered little pink blooms are very pretty. I’m sure to remember the name from now on!


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