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111/2011 hot tub

111/2011 hot tub, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Hot tubs are quite a new trend over here in our sauna nation. Our friends built one in their garden, and we spent a lovely, relaxing beginning of the Easter holiday in it, chatting and looking at the stars after it got dark. It requires a skill to heat the tub up to the exact right temperature. But once you succeed, it’s heavenly!


104/2011 friends for dinner

104/2011 friends for dinner, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

A busy day with no time to take any other picture than this quick snapshot of the dinner table I was preparing.

Had a lovely evening with friends, and a Korean menu.


#352 ladies’ christmas party

352/365 ladies’ christmas party, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Our English-speaking ladies’ club, Ladybirds, got together for a pre-Christmas do. Potluck with lots of delicious treats, and the icing on the cake were these scrumptious special festive cupcakes.

It was lovely to get in from the bitter cold, into the warmth of a friend’s house, to share stories and laughter, and the Christmas spirit.


#295 around the fire

295/365 around the fire, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

A biting northerly wind has brought winter in the air. What nicer way to forget the cold and misery of the weather than invite some friends over, and spend the night around a warming fire with chat and some goodies to eat!

The crackle of the fire has a natural calming effect. It is also very inspirational, with its power and constantly changing form. No wonder, people all through the ages have gathered around different types of fires, to exchange stories and experiences. Staring at a fire is good for the soul of busy modern people, who are too glued to screens all the time.


#275 visit in the colourful house

My eyes were on colours today, thank to Daily Shoot:

Make a photograph that plays two complementary colors off of each other today.

We were invited to a multicultural party at our Mexican-Polish friends’ house in the evening. They said, when people ask for their address, they only need to give the street name and add “you can’t miss us”. It’s really true! Their colour scheme sure stands out from the more conservative Finnish styles around, and can be spotted from afar.

I love the fact that more immigrants keep coming to our country. For me, different approaches add colour and vitality into the culture, and complement the old and ordinary. Sadly, some people see difference as a threat, which easily leads to dissapproval, criticism, and even fear.


#264 ladies’ night out

264/365 ladies’ night out, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

With pouring rain and autumn darkness outside, it felt especially warm and cosy to be inside this place, chatting and laughing. Batteries were recharged again for the rest of the working week.

This riverside bar has become one of my regular joints recently. I really enjoy the ambiance there, and they seem to pay attention to little details, such as the local, seasonal apples at the counter at the moment.


#238 pretty in pink

238/365 pretty in pink, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

I was trying to create some soft light pictures for the Daily Shoot today:

Make a photograph with soft light today. Try to almost totally eliminate shadows on your subject.

I noticed that soft light suits flowers quite well. It was fun playing with a white umbrella on our balcony to try and soften the light on a cloudy evening.

I really like the Finnish tradition of bringing some flowers when visiting friends. This pink pot plant was given to me by a dear friend back at the beginning of May! And it is still in full bloom on the balcony . It has been bringing us joy and beauty all through the hot summer. Thank you Heli!


#204 happy birthday!

204/365 happy birthday!, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Celebrated a friend’s birthday on one of our riverboats tonight. The string of colourful lights decorating the boat made a nice celebration bokeh to remember a fun evening with friends.

Later on, we went to the outside pool for a midnight swim and picnic. They organise these late night moonlight swimming events once a month to fundraise for the children’s hospital. Unfortunately, the sky was overcast, so we didn’t see the moon, but the swim was lovely anyway in the dark night.


#176 midsummer

176/365 midsummer, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

The highlight of the Finnish summer is the celebration of Midsummer, at the weekend closest to the summer solstice. We have a funny tradition of considering the Eve of any holiday, Midsummer included, the most important day. We are lucky every year, to get a Midsummer invitation to go to our friends’ cottage in the middle of nowhere, by a little lake, almost like a pond really.

We escape to the summer cottage from busy, urban life. At its best, it is a primitive place without electricity or running water, and with a little red outhouse in the forest. Life there is slow and meditative. Most of your time is spent warming the wood-burning sauna, barbeques, getting water from a well or a natural spring, and heating the stove to get hot water for washing up. Whatever time is left, you just swim, play traditional games, or sit on the jetty, listening to the sounds of nature. Bliss!


#163 toast to summer

163/365 toast to summer, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

A therapeutic evening with my English-speaking ladies’ group to start the summer season and hear everybody’s plans for the holidays. Cheers, chin chin, skål, prosit, kippis – clinking glasses for a nice summer, good health and happiness. Many will be travelling abroad, some will go to their home countries to visit family and relatives, some will stay here and travel around Finland. Children – young and older – are often a topic of conversation: their education and choosing schools, especially if it’s a bi- or even trilingual family. Diets and exercise come up: some of us, including me, are going to try aquajogging this summer. The ups and downs of marriages, and sadly, increasing divorces are another favourite topic among us. The whole spectrum of human life.

We were supposed to meet outside in a riverboat pub to enjoy the summer evening but had to change plans because of rain and almost a gale blowing. That’s our changeable summer weather.


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