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177/2011 green dream

177/2011 green dreams, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

These huge old trees offered a welcome shade from the heatwave we’ve suddenly been hit with. I expected fairytale creatures to appear from between the foliage at any minute, walking through this wood. Even the tree trunks had turned green with the flourishing ivy climbing on them. Sunlight streaming through the leaves added to the dreamy feeling.


142/2011 layers of green

142/2011 layers of green, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

How the low evening light changes the scenery, making one section of the hedge almost golden yellow. Spring is a real feast to our eyes and senses.


126/2011 signs of spring 4

126/2011 signs of spring 4, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Couldn’t resist this evening light picture of the birch trees next to our house. This stage of small leaves will be gone so soon.


120/2011 precious lime green

120/2011 precious lime green, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

The fleeting few days of lime green, before the leaves grow and turn darker, creating an evenly coloured landscape. Precious days of wonder!


114/2011 green!

114/2011 green!, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

The first tiny buds have appeared on a spiraea bush in the corner of our garden. A miracle every year! I could sit out on the patio for ages, just breathing in the rapidly advancing spring with all my senses.

It’s as though new life has been patiently waiting for the conducive enough circumstances all through winter, to suddenly get triggered into amazingly fast growth. I wish I could provide the right environment and push for my students’ learning more often! Especially this time of the year, only a month of the school year left, there are many wilted plants in the classrooms – teachers included.


078/2011 growing herbs

078/2011 growing herbs, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Our herbs often sold as little plants growing in tiny plastic pots. It’s seldom that we use the whole lot at once, so my husband usually replants them into a bigger pot. Sometimes we are lucky, like with this lemon balm. Not only does it bring the welcome greenery into our kitchen but it also provides its scent and lovely hint of minty lemon into many dishes.


055/2011 a hint of green

055/2011 a hint of green, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

How lucky I am! I will have the chance to enjoy this precious time twice this year! There is something magical about the first faint touch of green on the deciduous trees. It’s the titillating anticipation of rebirth that I love about this time of year.

I enjoy personifying plants and trees, and keep imagining all kinds of shapes and creatures in them. This tree took the shape of an old hag, with crazy green hair, flailing multiple arms about 🙂