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028/2011 green

028/2011 green, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

My theme for this weekend will be colours, and escaping dreary winter with them. For a short moment in the late afternoon, the sun shone through our window, making our houseplants glisten in its light.

In reality this poor plant is shedding most of its leaves, as it struggles to survive in the dry, electically heated house in winter. However, looking at this close-up effectively distracts the senses, and gives a vibrant, spring-like impression, filled with the promise of life.


#142 vine

142/365 vine, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Green is the colour of life. Right now it signifies

Climbing by the side of our balcony, this vine is a perennial delight. It has only just turned green, and looks really lovely.


#136 can’t get enough

136/365 can’t get enough, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

I am definitely addicted to green these days – it’s everywhere. It is such a pity that this week is too hectic to go for long walks with the camera, since every day the scenery and colouring keeps changing. Precious, precious time!


#134 shades of green

134/365 shades of green, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Finally it’s all green around here. All the different shades as well. This is a very short and precious time – only a few days before it all turns into the dark green of summer. A time to revel and take it all in, especially early in the morning. The first rays of the sun light the undergrowth and ground, and all you hear is birds singing.

What a wonderful world!


#89 seeing the trees for the wood

I love the Daily Shoot colour assignments, as today’s one:

Today’s theme is the color green. Make a photograph dominated by green and post it.

I love green – it’s the colour of life. I have been deprived of it for so many months now that I’m growing very impatient with the slow progress of spring. Going for my afternoon ‘green hunt’ walk, I wasn’t expecting to find much but I was happy anyway to get out into the fresh air, despite the dull grey weather.

I don’t know why I don’t usually think of evergreen conifers as green. There are so many of them, and since they don’t change their seasonal colour, they tend to blend into the background, and often just look black or some almost colourless, dark, anonymous shapes in the distance. Yet, at closer look, they are definitely alive with many different shades of green. And their sizes, shapes and the texture of the needles certainly vary from pine to spruce and juniper, for example.

The anonymous, backdrop forest of conifers is like a class of students to teach. A big group is easily treated as one uniform mass where individual characteristics are forgotten and ignored. This occurs especially if exactly the same content is simply served to everybody in exactly identical portions during pre-scheduled short time slots – as still happens in school systems around the world.

In the end, I managed to find quite a few green things today. Here is my ‘Green Day set’  if you’d like to browse through it.


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