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#264 ladies’ night out

264/365 ladies’ night out, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

With pouring rain and autumn darkness outside, it felt especially warm and cosy to be inside this place, chatting and laughing. Batteries were recharged again for the rest of the working week.

This riverside bar has become one of my regular joints recently. I really enjoy the ambiance there, and they seem to pay attention to little details, such as the local, seasonal apples at the counter at the moment.


#68 games night

068/365 games night, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Our English-speaking ladies’ group got together at a pub tonight for some chit chat and fun. Everybody brought along some games, but we ended up playing good old Trivial Pursuits most of the evening.The 3 Brits had an upper hand over the rest of us (2 Finns, 1 Aussie and 1 German), as it was the British edition of the game, and so rather biased towards the royal family, lord this and that or names of counties, TV stars and the like that we non-Brits simply had no clue about. We didn’t compete seriously, though, just shared laughter, banter and useless knowledge about the strangest things. Made me think how much of school testing is still based on memorizing isolated facts rather than higher order thinking and problem-solving skills…

I took this picture of the board, as I noticed that it, too, is symmetrical in shape to go along with today’s Daily Shoot assignment:

Most of us enjoy some symmetry in our lives. Look around for it today and make a symmetrical photo.


#4 lunch at mami’s

004/365 lunch at mami’s, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

‘Ladybirds’ is an English-speaking women’s group in my town. We meet about once a month to share our lives, joys and sorrows, usually around something to eat and drink. There are the regular few, who have settled in Finland more or less permanently, and then there are the changing members, who only come here for a year or two, because of work or studies, or following their husbands. Today we went to a new restaurant called ‘mami’s’, which was very appropriate for us mothers of different backgrounds and ages.

I thought the shiny forks and spoons, hanging behind the glass wall decorated with the round restaurant logos, looked really nice. They, along with the warm colours, remind me of the lovely atmosphere, the delicious food, laughter and friendship we enjoyed.

Today, as always after our multi-cultural get-togethers, I came home in the best of moods, refreshed and reinvigorated.


July 2020

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