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041/2011 night lights

041/2011 night lights, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

City lights at night, through a window with drops of melted snow. Bright and cheery in a way, despite the darkness and snow drifts everywhere.


006/2011 last day of christmas

006/2011 last day of christmas, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Epiphany is called ‘loppiainen’ in Finnish. It derives from the word ‘loppu’, which means ‘the end’. It’s the end of the Christmas season. Soon these warm, welcoming lights will disappear from our yard, and it’s back to everyday life again.

I love the atmosphere all the Christmas lights create, both in and outside the house. There are moments, after all the rush of getting there is over, when I almost believe in the old song lyrics: “! wish it could be Christmas every day”! But luckily, it is just a mad, momentary feeling. Holidays and special occasions are special just because they are not repeated every day.

Till next Christmas then, lights!


#345 waiting for the film

345/365 waiting for the film, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Finally had the chance to go and see the latest Harry Potter at the cinema. Took this picture at a café while waiting for it to start. Conifer branches framing windows, are a typical Christmassy decoration here.


#325 home sweet home

325/365 home sweet home, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Quite a shock to be back in dark and cold Finland after 10 days in India. But so cosy, too, to be back in my familiar surroundings, which are reflected against the darkness outside the window here.

Daily Shoot:

Find or make a reflection in a window today and shoot through it to create a layered composition.


#318 night time in delhi

318/365 night time in delhi, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Delhi nights are yellow, and frequently totally darkened by power cuts. Suddenly finding yourself in pitch dark is nightmarish if you start feeling something/someone touching your legs. Crippled beggars on skateboards often attack your ankles in the dark! Luckily the power cuts usually only last a few minutes.


#311 sunday, shopping and SNOW!

My November lights theme just seems to continue Busy day rushing from shop to shop, to get ready to leave for the AEC conference in India on Wednesday. Some shops already had Christmas lights up. Far too early to think about Christmas, but the lights do brighten up the dark nights. Even though out of focus, which was today’s Daily Shoot assignment, the lights created a nice bokeh for this picture.

Sometimes what’s out of focus can make the shot. Create a photograph today where some/all of your subject isn’t in focus.

Little did I guess that it would later start snowing, so this turned out to be a perfect photo for today. The bokeh reminds me of big snowflakes coming down.


#282 relax!

282/365 relax!, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

What better way to unwind after a hectic week than a relaxing evening at home with good friends! Candle bokeh in the dark garden – looks a bit like colourful flowers.