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190/2011 childhood revisited

190/2011 childhood revisited, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

When I grew up in the countryside, we kids used to spend a lot of time in the nearby woods and fields, playing, exploring, imagining things. Wild berries abounded in summer, and since we naturally didn’t carry any bowls with us, this was how we used to carry them – on a grass stalk, out of which it was easy to pop them into our mouths, one by one. So much healthier than the modern version of candy strings!


#347 what is christmas made of?

Over lunch at an old inn, my eyes were drawn to this window, with the setting winter sun in the background (at only 3.30 pm!), on a very cold day. The scene strongly evoked childhood Christmasses in the countryside long ago.

The triangular set of lights at each window, and the hand-made straw mobile are essential Finnish Christmas decorations. I even remember crafting such a mobile myself one year!

Here in the north, Christmas is very much a time to slow down, withdraw into your home with your family and loved ones, and revel in the moments and memories amidst traditional decorations that come out year after year.


#192 old art

192/365 old art, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

There is a ‘Village of Living History’ not far from my home that I enjoy cycling to in summer. It’s a great place in the middle of a modern town for families to teach children about the agricultural roots of our country. It’s basically a working farm with all the buildings, tools and activities, farm animals, fields, and the farmer’s and workers’ homes as well.

As July is the month for haymaking, they also demonstrate the old art of drying hay on wooden poles. This scene instantly reminds me of my childhood summers spent at my grandparents’ summer place, and helping my cousins’ family with their haymaking. We kids were allowed to jump on the trailer of the tractor to stamp down the collected hay. So much fun!

I much prefer this scene to the modern, ‘industrial’ version of haymaking, prevalent today. The unique touch of human hands as opposed to the uniform products of machines!


#188 clean carpets

188/365 clean carpets, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Traditional summer activity – washing carpets outside. I got introduced to this tradition at my grandparents’ summer cottage when I was just a child. It used to be done in the sea or in a lake until, of course, it was discovered that the detergents used, even if the nature-friendly kind, contributed to the euthofication of the waterways. These days, towns provide inland washing facilities, which are quite nice communal centres in summer. Unfortunately, not many people do this themselves anymore in their busy lives, but rely on the services of chemical laundries.

We keep this up for several reasons: it’s fun (although exhausting, too!), it’s good exercise, it saves money, and it reminds me of childhood summers and keeps traditions alive. Nothing beats the fresh smell of pine soap that the clean carpets spread around the home. I do hope rain will keep off for the next few days, so our carpets will get dry!

Here is another picture to show what the facilities look like.


#178 that funny little girl

178/365 that funny little girl, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Down memory lane again with today’s Daily Shoot:

Sunday challenge: Make a photograph with a photograph. Find a cherished print and compose it in a larger scene.

The picture was taken 14 years ago, and now she’s leaving home. I’m left with memories and ABBA

Sometimes I wish that I could freeze the picture
And save it from the funny tricks of time

Slipping through my fingers all the time…


#171 country comfort

171/365 country comfort, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

This photo was taken along the sideroad I used to travel on the bus to my parents’ home when I first started my university studies, and didn’t have my own car yet. Even though I didn’t spend my childhood and youth in a farm, I was a country village girl alright. It is actually a historic road, but very quiet now, since most of the traffic has been shifted to a bigger and straighter new road. This picture is from Tarvasjoki.

Driving along the old twists and turns today filled me with a familiar, warm feeling. “And it’s good old country comfort in my bones…” as Elton John sang back in the 70s. There was a Finnish version of the song, too, and I even found it on YouTube! I used to hear it a lot when I was young. The Finnish translation of the original lyrics describe my feelings very well: “I look at the countryside scenery, and I understand how happy must be anyone who can always live here. I will never forget the countryside scenery.”  Well, rather idealistic, of course, but I it is true that the colours, the paint on the farmhouses, the flowers and weeds by the roadside and the never-ending green summer fields will all stay imprinted deep in my heart and soul forever.

Other memorable sceneries have entered my heart since but this is by far the dearest to me. I got a bit carried away with my reminiscences today, and shot a whole set of pictures – all rather similar, but couldn’t decide which to throw.


#157 roll out those lazy hazy crazy days of summer

Daily Shoot gave me inspiration for today’s picture.

Lens flare is typically avoided, but can be used deliberately to good effect. Make a photo with creative lens flare.

My daughter is just like I used to be as a teenager. When summer holiday starts, it’s out into the garden, onto the lawn with something relaxing to read. The first thing I did on the first days of my summer holiday is visit the village library, get a pile of books and then spend the next weeks out in the garden, just like this.

Here I tried to use the lens flare as ‘happy bubbles’ falling on her, to depict a carefree summer feeling.


#154 down memory lane

154/365 down memory lane, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Going through my favourite childhood activities for the Daily Shoot made me open the lid of my old piano.

Think of a favorite childhood sport, game, or activity. Make a nostalgic photo today. (@muffett68)

The piano has stood there, untouched for months, if not over a year – as you can see by the dust on the keys. I used to go to piano lessons from the age of 6, when my parents bought this very same piano for me, till I was 15.  I was never really musically talented, I just learned to read the notes and play what was written there. No improvisation or creative skills in me. Still, all those years practising taught me a certain discipline and the appreciation of many classical pieces, and I did enjoy playing. It seems to be a skill – much like cycling or skating, for example – that you will never forget, once learned. Still, I rarely play any more. Our daughter also had a go with the piano but clearly it wasn’t her cup of tea either.

As I had seen hundreds of wonderful piano shots on flickr before, I was at first going to reject this photo, as I thought I couldn’t possibly produce any new angle that would be uniquely mine. In the end, though, I liked this picture, as the dust can clearly be seen there, and the silvery reflections from the window and the golden/coppery bokeh in the background somehow represent the blurry, but bright and happy childhood memories.


#129 happy mother’s day!

129/365 happy mother’s day!, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

A nice day to return home from a long journey. My daughter was waiting for me with a self-picked bouquet of white anemones. This used to be a Mother’s Day tradition when I was young at home, and I passed it on to my daughter. This is the time of large areas of forest white with these flowers. As a young girl I used to get up very early on Mother’s Day to go out and pick them for mum. On a cloudy day, like today, the petals close but soon open up again once you put them into water.

Home sweet home with my nearest and dearest. I couldn’t be happier!


#81 golden memories

081/365 golden memories, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

A very busy beginning of the week from morning till evening, so only had a chance to snap a quick picture at home in the evening. I was staring into empty space for a long time before our chandelier (a family heirloom from my parents’ house) beckoned me to try a picture of the crystals I like very much.

These photos made me quite nostalgic, reminiscing about old times when I was still a teenager at home. There is a Finnish saying “time makes memories golden” – I don’t know if there is an equivalent in English? Just like the lighting in this picture gives the crystals a golden shine.


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