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089/2011 gooey

089/2011 gooey, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

This week has been too busy, and made doubly hard by the depressing weather. What would be a better boost for a down-in-the-dumps mood than baking a sinfully calory-rich chocolate cake? Tasting it was even better!

Just got to avoid feeling guilty after indulging myself…


066/2011 at school

066/2011 at school, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Another school week started. Leaving home in the afternoon, I noticed the thawing process around the school building, too. It’s quite a juggle to get in and out with dry shoes!

The sunshine is lovely, but funny enough, it also makes many of us very tired. It’s as though our bodies are not yet ready for the longer activity periods. I’ve been seriously affected for over a week now. I need an afternoon nap every day after school, and I’m at least one day behind with all my work and chores. Got to be gentle with myself, give my body and mind time to adjust to the drastically changing seasons.


043/2011 white on white

043/2011 white on white, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Just a picture of the colour scheme outdoors. The pile of snow sitting on our garden fence, epitomizes the immobile state of winter. Nothing moves, it just is!

I couldn’t decide which photo to choose today – this one or the one below. In the end, it was the straight lines above that better depicted my lazy mood today.


#254 feeling blue

254/365 feeling blue, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

There was a chill in the air. And cleaning up, after our daughter’s farewell party to her friends last night, made me feel extra wistful. Only five days and she will have left home! Plus it’s the day of sad memories from nine years ago.

Playing with blue bottles and light depicted my mood quite well.


#249 beating the Monday blues

249/365 beating the Monday blues, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

I was really happy about today’s Daily Shoot assignment to get me out cycling, even with a grey, overcast sky.

Welcome the new week (and holiday in the US) by making a bright cheery photo outdoors and posting it today.

I went looking for some vivid colours to cheer me up! I am not a great fan of Mondays in general, and I really needed some brightness after the totally bland Sunday I spent yesterday.

I love autumn colours, and every day now, there seem to be more of them around. One side of this giant maple is already quite spectacular. Looking at it, makes me hear some Vivaldi playing in the background, and see tiny Disney fairies flying about with their magic brushes to add more strokes of red, orange and yellow here and there.

The cycling helped – I gathered a lot of energy, and feel good and optimistic about the week ahead now.


#237 head in the clouds

237/365 head in the clouds, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

From down in the dumps yesterday, into a light, dreamy feeling today. What a difference the weather makes! Sometimes I feel I’m particularly susceptible to changes in the weather, or maybe it’s just me, and nothing whatsoever to do with the elements.

The clouds tonight formed beautiful, canvas-like formations, colours and lines in the sky. I stood on the balcony for ages watching them slowly shift and transform themselves. It was a really calming moment.


#236 dark mood

236/365 dark mood, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

The Daily Shoot today was about dark areas.

Make a low key photo today with lots of dark areas. You might need to use exposure compensation to make it work.

I wish I had had more time to experiment to manage to get a black background and find more interesting subjects. Would have been interesting to try B/W photography, too, but another time then.

Just a dark snap of a houseplant, which, with the shadows, depicts my mood on this rainy day. There must be lots of low pressure in the air.


#221 last day before school

I’ve caught a summer cold (or maybe it’s an allergic reaction to the end of the holidays!), and spent the last day before the start of the new school year resting with lots of hot Finrexin drink. My motivation seems to be a bit lacking, too, so I’m hoping that Mr Pink would give me some drive.

Just by chance noticed the triangles here, so this will also have to do for today’s Daily Shoot:

Triangles keep the viewer’s eyes on a photo. Follow a triangle, and you see other elements. Make a photo with triangles.


#17 vitamin boost

017/365 vitamin boost, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

A dreary dreary day. No proper light outside for interesting photo opportunities. I just counted that it’s 8 days since we last saw even a glimpse of the sun! Winter blues is hitting us hard, let alone a need for extra vitamins in our diet. That’s why, we prepared this scrumptious fruit salad for desert today. How we envy all of you who live in climates that offer fresh produce all year round! Well, at least we have the imported fruit and vegetables, although there is the downside of the long transports being an extra burden for the environment. We do have our freezer stacked with Finnish berries from last summer, but it is a far cry from the lovely, fresh ones that our market place abounds with in the summer months.

Interestingly, last week I read about some new Finnish research, in which they have found clear evidence that a long exposure to the cold and darkness lowers not only our mood, but also our intellectual and mental capacities. It’s to do with the combined effects on two hormones – melatonin, the so-called darkness hormone, and the thyroid hormone. The levels of melatonin in our body rise when there is no sunlight to prevent it. At the same time, thyroid hormone levels fall, and in the end our body gets tired of fighting this disorder, which leads to diminished mental agility. No wonder, I have started to feel really sluggish as of late. Some days I find it almost impossible to get up to go to work. Most of my colleagues complain about the same, and even students seem to be more apathetic than usual.

I have often suggested that we should have a different school schedule for the dark period. Start school at 9 or 10, instead of the customary 8 am. According to our administration this would be impossible, though, because of so many others factors involved, eg. working hours of kitchen and cleaning staff. I think it’s just excuses and not really being brave enough to change an age-old custom. In the meantime, both going to work and coming home in darkness for months continues to be a real pain.


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