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282/2011 precious morning light

282/2011 precious morning light, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

The colours of the autumn leaves really shone beautifully when backlit by the morning sun. Mornings are damp and crisp now. Won’t be long before the first night frosts, I think.


132/2011 beginning of another journey

Why is it that most journeys seem to start in the early hours of the morning. At 4.30 am, watching the sun rise along the motorway to Helsinki airport. Only very few early birds on the road. I wonder if we all caught the worm?

Strasbourg, here we come!

It is two and a half weeks since this photo was taken. I have never been this much behind in uploading my daily pictures. I am rather disappointed with myself, even though I have reasons/excuses (first the trip, and catching an awful cold there, and being rather poorly every since, plus catching up with work, etc. etc. etc.). I must admit the thought of actually quitting my project did pop up in my mind once or twice. I feel I have very unkindly neglected all the lovely people that I have met on Flickr, and through this blog. I do apologize to each of you for not commenting on your wonderful photos. I intend to carry on though, as I enjoy getting the daily pictures so much. Summer holiday is just round the corner, so more time to dedicate to this great hobby 🙂


063/2011 brief moments

063/2011 brief moments, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Only for a very short time the rising sun painted the eastern sky with these striking pink strokes, and then it was gone.

Our days are full of these brief moments – sometimes noticed and admired, but too often ignored in the daily rush.


031/2011 red sky in the morning

031/2011 red sky in the morning, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Luckily, not a warning, but the beginning of an unusual school day. A line of flags in the school yard, ready to welcome a special guest.

With the start of general election campaigns, we got the honour of a one-hour visit by the Prime Minister herself! Quite interesting, as it’s so rare to receive such top politicians, especially outside Helsinki.


#348 winter sunrise

348/365 winter sunrise, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

10 o’clock in the morning – still a bit dark. We only have about 5 h 45 mins of daylight at the moment. Most of the day, we are enveloped in darkness. People’s energy levels are low. Chemists make good business with vitamin supplements. It’s a tough time to deal with, but at the same time, we are lucky to see the beauty of the Arctic winter, with its special colours and atmospheres.