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012/2011 colourful details

012/2011 colourful details, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Which do you find more important, the big picture or the little details? At work, I’m usually a quick grasper of broad overviews, and easily get tired of fussing over little details. With photogaphy, though, I’ve noticed that it’s often little, seemingly detached, details that draw my eye, and make me want to arrange them into an interesting composition.

Today it snowed all day again. I went out during my free lesson, for a bit of fresh air, and to get some pictures before the last trace of the afternoon light would fade away. It was the orange in the knitted pole cover (part of the community art project of our school) that popped into my vision at first. That led my eyes to the red car, and finally to the repeating orange window panes of the primary school, in the distance. Looking through the camera lens, I also liked the vertical repetition with the pole and then the trees in the background.

In the end, it’s not a big picture versus small details. The two actually go hand in hand.


#234 observations

234/365 observations, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

As I was looking subjects for today’s Daily Shoot, I came across these unusual reflections on the windows of an office building.

Make a photograph of something made out of glass. Be sure to go for interesting reflections or highlights.

It looked like an abstract painting, which instantly brought the boring brick wall to life. It struck me what a good way photography is of discovering surprising sights, scenes and phenomena.

Too often I just go about life in an oblivious, perfunctory manner, rushing from one errand to the next. It pays to observe and pay attention. I wish my students realized this about learning more often, too.


#207 digital clutter

207/365 digital clutter, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

This must be the favourite position of 21st-century tourists. When we travel, we photograph or video with abandon – everything and anything. On package tours, it’s usually the guide who tells the group to get off the coach, and in a few allocated minutes get a picture of a famous landmark or building. And like trained pets, all the tourists flock out to click away. If I can help it, I avoid package tours like the plague…

Wouldn’t it be interesting to be able to collect all the pictures of one popular spot, taken in the course of one day? Millions of travellers posing at slightly different positions and angles. Maybe somebody has already compiled a project that like. How many of us ever look at our accumulated digital travel pictures more than once – possibly a few times, to show (and bore to death!) family and friends on return? And yet, it’s so easy, and practically free – why wouldn’t we do it? It’s quite a job to ruthlessly discard and edit your pictures, and keep your files organized. For me, net publishing helps tremendously to declutter my digital photos. It would also be interesting to see how long digital photos can be preserved. I have already read speculations that, where old prints fade and discolour, digital photos are likely to just unpixelate at some point.

If anyone’s interested, other pictures from my day trip to Tallinn, Estonia, can be seen here.


#179 high key shopping

179/365 high key shopping, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

White was today’s Daily Shoot colour:

Go high key today. Make a photograph that’s all bright tones or dominated by white.

I had to do a lot of searching and research about high key photography. A totally new concept for me. One thing I did pick up, was that high key photos are bright and create a happy and joyful feeling. No wonder then that lots of white, lights and bright colours are used in shopping centres. Happy people will buy more! Wouldn’t you just be irresistibly drawn towards this entrance?

I now notice that the bottom part of the pillars can’t quite be differentiated from the overall whiteness – sign of overexposure I guess. Today’s assignment was a real challenge, and made me realize how much I need to work before I can even dream of learning. I know so very little about my camera, all its features and how they will affect the picture. Photography truly teaches the patience and humility required for lifelong learning.


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