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243/2011 cantina azteca

243/2011 cantina azteca, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Culinary trends travel across the world so easily these days. We expect to be able to find almost any ethnic restaurants in our towns in Finland. You could almost make a culinary trip roudn the world, without ever leaving your home country. American hamburgers, Italian pizza and pasta or Turkish kebabs are already Finnish staples, I would say. Recently, also more and more Mexican, Indian and Japanese restaurants have been opened, with the decor also reminding us of their country of origin.

Our English-speaking ladies’ group did well in a pub quiz, and won a voucher to this Mexican restaurant. Tortillas and fajitas went down well, with the usual natter and laughs.


189/2011 pop up

189/2011 pop up, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

A new concept for a ‘pop up restaurant and bar’ – a temporary, open tent set up only for the month of July, right in the centre of town, As part of the European Culture Capital Year, a renowned Finnish Michelin chef is behind this idea. Top chefs from around the world are expected to tempt us with their concoctions on three evenings, and live music performances are lined up for the bar at the other end of the tent.

Tonight we enjoyed the show of a sympathetic young beatboxer.


047/2011 riverboat

047/2011 riverboat, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

In the blue after sunset light, waiting for guests for dinner at one of the few riverboat restaurants that stay open in winter. The frozen river offered a pretty backdrop to our meal. We even spotted a lonely skier on the ice!


#257 lunch on the riverboat

257/365 lunch on the riverboat, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Sneaked out of school again with my colleague, to have a heavenly goats’ cheese and chicken salad on this river boat restaurant. Lunch out of school has become at least a weekly treat for us.

It’s so refreshing to be able to change the scene, and escape from inside the four walls of the school, The whole world suddenly looks calmer – just as this view from the boat window. For me, the round window adds to the peacefulness of the scene.

The window caught my eye thanks to the Daily Shoot:

Use a door or window as a framing device to contain a smaller scene today.

Framing certainly adds focus – concretely, and mentally!


#201 at sakura

201/365 at sakura, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

We treated ourselves to a meal at our favourite Japanese restaurant today. As I was looking for changing textures for the Daily Shoot, this arrangement by the window caught my eye.

Make a photograph that emphasizes a change in texture: smooth/rough, soft/hard, shiny/dull, etc.

It looked very attractive, even with the fake sakura, ie. cherry blossom.

I like this particular restaurant very much because the ambience there is always calm and peaceful, without any rush or stress. The Japanese chef and his Finnish wife run it as a family business, and do everything in the modest, almost unnoticeable, Japanese manner. It is a retreat of zen-like, meditative vibes that, together with the tasty food, energize me every time.


#4 lunch at mami’s

004/365 lunch at mami’s, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

‘Ladybirds’ is an English-speaking women’s group in my town. We meet about once a month to share our lives, joys and sorrows, usually around something to eat and drink. There are the regular few, who have settled in Finland more or less permanently, and then there are the changing members, who only come here for a year or two, because of work or studies, or following their husbands. Today we went to a new restaurant called ‘mami’s’, which was very appropriate for us mothers of different backgrounds and ages.

I thought the shiny forks and spoons, hanging behind the glass wall decorated with the round restaurant logos, looked really nice. They, along with the warm colours, remind me of the lovely atmosphere, the delicious food, laughter and friendship we enjoyed.

Today, as always after our multi-cultural get-togethers, I came home in the best of moods, refreshed and reinvigorated.


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