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175/2011 through a green tunnel

175/2011 through a green tunnel, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Along the bus route between Eastbourne and Brighton. The best place to sit is on the front seat, upstairs on a double-decker bus. Going up and down the narrow, twisty roads almost gives the same feeling in your stomach as a rollercoaster. In tunnels like this, the branches scrape the roof and side windows of the bus, making quite a noise. The double-deckers also sway from side to side quite a bit, so taking unshaken photos is practically impossible!

It was actually here that our daughter, as a tiny tot, learned the meaning of the word ‘tunnel’.


098/2011 a museum with a view

098/2011 a museum with a view, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

This old printing house, converted into a modern exhibition centre in Espoo, has huge windows in one end that open a view to the surrounding woods. Trees inside as well, in the form of modern sculptures.


#218 day tripping

218/365 day tripping, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Finally got to see the famous, renovated, medieval St. Olaf’s Church, and especially the much talked about modern paintings inside it. It was a fascinating visit.

This beautiful lakeside view opened from the arch doorways of the church. Its tranquility made me realize how much I miss the lake surroundings of eastern Finland, where I spent all my childhood, and a lot of teenage, summers, with my grandparents. This summer I haven’t had the chance to go there at all – sadly. Taking in this breathtaking view today stirred some very strong feelings inside me. The Finnish lake district landscape really is imprinted deep in my soul.

I made a set of some of the picture I took in and around the church today.


#217 enjoying the riverside

217/365 enjoying the riverside

217/365 enjoying the riverside, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

I am making the most of my last few precious summer holiday days. Today it was lunch with a good friend at one of the riverside terraces. As the weather was gorgeous again, I cycled there a bit earlier, and took a short walk along the river with my camera.

I love this view! After a few year’s absence, the flaming red canna irises have been planted there again. I am so happy they are there again, as for me, they really create the summer feeling on the river banks.


#184 summer signs

183/365 summer signs, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

On my lookout for signs and vistas for the daily shoot, I came across quite a few of these temporary signs by the roadside.

Find a sign in front of a vista that tells a story. (Don’t walk on the grass.) Make a photograph and post it.

Summer Saturdays are always a favourite time for weddings here. A lot of couples put these signs out to guide there wedding guests to the venue.

In these days of satnavs, and mobile technology, they are maybe not quite as essential as they used to be in the old days. I think they serve another purpose, too. It’s as though the newly-weds want to declare their love and happiness to the whole world. Lovely, isn’t it? Seeing one of these always brings a smile to my face.


#171 country comfort

171/365 country comfort, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

This photo was taken along the sideroad I used to travel on the bus to my parents’ home when I first started my university studies, and didn’t have my own car yet. Even though I didn’t spend my childhood and youth in a farm, I was a country village girl alright. It is actually a historic road, but very quiet now, since most of the traffic has been shifted to a bigger and straighter new road. This picture is from Tarvasjoki.

Driving along the old twists and turns today filled me with a familiar, warm feeling. “And it’s good old country comfort in my bones…” as Elton John sang back in the 70s. There was a Finnish version of the song, too, and I even found it on YouTube! I used to hear it a lot when I was young. The Finnish translation of the original lyrics describe my feelings very well: “I look at the countryside scenery, and I understand how happy must be anyone who can always live here. I will never forget the countryside scenery.”  Well, rather idealistic, of course, but I it is true that the colours, the paint on the farmhouses, the flowers and weeds by the roadside and the never-ending green summer fields will all stay imprinted deep in my heart and soul forever.

Other memorable sceneries have entered my heart since but this is by far the dearest to me. I got a bit carried away with my reminiscences today, and shot a whole set of pictures – all rather similar, but couldn’t decide which to throw.


#141 riverside by night

141/365 riverside by night, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

After taking our Indian guest on a steam boat trip to one of nearby islands, the sun had already set when we came back at 11 pm. It was a gorgeously calm and warm evening with the lights reflected on the water.


#60 maaliskuu – ‘earth month’

March 1st. Continuing my introduction to the names of months in Finnish:
March for us is MAALISKUU.
maa = earth
kuu = month (or actually ‘moon’, since a month would be ‘kuukausi’)

Maaliskuu is the month when you are supposed to start seeing patches of earth in between the white snow as spring starts approaching – hopefully.

This picture was taken from the aeroplane, though, after taking off from Munich, Germany, on my way home from Singapore. Seems that in southern Germany it’s almost spring already! At least very different from what was awaiting us at Helsinki airport – sleet, slush, greyness and still lots of snow. Let’s hope that by the end of this new month, it will look like this here, too.


#43 my historical town

043/365 my historical town, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

This is a cherished view of my town, with the meandering river Aura – now frozen and still – and the almost 800-year-old Cathedral in the background. Apart from seasonal change, this scene has remained more or less unaltered for as long as I remember. The tower of the Cathedral is like a beacon guiding us, busy people of today.

As so often before, I stopped at this spot on the bridge to admire this ageless beauty. Today, the long shadows were like whispers from the past centuries.


#33 tree of hope

033/365 tree of hope, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Last October I attended an Asia-Europe Classroom conference in Denmark. A dear Danish friend of mine had made dozens of lovely paper cuttings and let us choose one from her collection. The moment I saw this beautiful blooming tree I knew it was perfect for me.

I hung it on our bedroom window when winter set in. It is now the first thing I see every morning. It restores my hope in spring and rebirth during these months when colours are so scarce outside.

I have been planning to get curtains with a green forest or bright, colourful flower pattern on them for the winter, but haven’t got round to it yet. Thank you, Helene, for giving me this decoration – I’m also thinking of you every winter morning.

PS. The whole paper tree is actually green, but the light behind it made it into a black silhouette. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to correct it. So much to learn about photography!


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