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#251 my two roads to school

251/365 my two roads to school, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

How did you get around today? Make a photograph of your transportation and post it.

Lovely cycling weather today. Early in the morning, I really needed the fleece jacket but had to take it off cycling home in the afternoon. My cycle path goes over the motorway that I often take when I drive to school. It’s actually quite unpleasant to see and hear the cars swooshing fast underneath.

The slow pace of cycling suits me very well. It gives me time to go through my lesson plans in my mind in the mornings, and calm down and reflect on the day on the way home. I should remember to include more slow reflection moments in my lessons, too. Usually, the daily pace is more like the motorway.


#231 lunch out in the open

231/365 lunch out in the open, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Daily Shoot food pictures today:

Make a photograph of something you eat today. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack. Make it look tasty.

Whenever we have the chance, I and a colleague sneak out of school, alternating cars and drivers, and drive some 10 minutes to a little kiosk by the archipelago road. The lady there makes the best and freshest salmon sandwiches with the Finnish staple rye bread. This with a mug of coffee, on the outside rustic table and benches (weather permitting), beats school lunch any day.

There is just something about eating out in the open that adds a special flavour to anything – food or drink. What’s more, out of school, we get the chance to let out steam, undisturbed, to our heart’s content. It’s not uncommon that my school lunch is reduced to a rushed cup of coffee on the go in the staff room. Teachers should really have a decent, quiet lunch hour, just like any other worker, and not expected to be at the peck and call of students every second of the school day!


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