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266/2011 1:1

266/2011 1:1, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

A day of great commotion at school when our first-graders were given their brand-new minilaptops. Scenes like this were seen along the corridors all over the school. Everybody wanted to get the feel of their new tool.

Our shift to 1:1 will be in phases, starting with the first-graders this year. Interesting times ahead!


251/2011 class flags

251/2011 class flags, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Every autumn, after a few weeks of school, we organise a team building day for our freshman classes, to give them a chance to get to know each other. One task is always designing and painting their class flag, which will follow them all through the 3 years of high school. Although they are given free hands to use their creativity in whichever way they want, almost invariably each group decide to individually sign their names on it. Each individual is important in making up the group, and creating the team spirit.


229/2011 classroom with a view

229/2011 classroom with a view, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Doesn’t look like much at the moment. I can’t even quite imagine what it will look like, once finished, even though I have been a member of the planning and design group! This used to be a little yard/garden in the middle of our school complex but, with acute shortage of space, it was decided that it will be covered with a glass roof and converted into a new-style learning environment.


228/2011 darkened windows

228/2011 darkened windows, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Construction work in our school yard wasn’t finished during the summer break, as hoped. So this was the view from my classroom today – windows covered with paper and plastic. Dark and stuffy inside, too. This, plus the accompanying banging and crashing from outside, is predicted to continue till October… Ho hum!


227/2011 back to school

227/2011 back to school, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

New growth on the cut tree stumps in the school yard. And hopefully also lots of new budding ideas being born and developed inside the school building. Time to start work again!


125/2011 euroscola, here we come!

125/2011 euroscola, here we come!, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Posing for a required group picture for our visit at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France, next week. The EU organises and subsidises a Youth Parliament Day a couple of times every year, with groups of students from almost all the EU countries coming together, and condacting simulated meetings over important themes, such as democracy, the environment, the future of Europe, or European values and ideals.

We are looking forward to our trip very much. But only girls, since no boys in our international or French groups!


099/2011 what do bored students do?

I attended a French teachers’ seminar over the weekend, and we had workshops in classrooms in a middle school. One corner of the tables in one was rather interesting.

It looked a bit like a skin disease spreading over the smooth white surface. Obviously, one day somebody had started shaving off bits of the laminate to reveal the brown wood underneath, and like scratching on itchy rash, others couldn’t resist continuing. It’s probably decades of teen angst, favourite stars and TV programmes, heartaches and crushes, etched on the surface. Looking at the details, makes it a fascinating piece of collective art.