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095/2011 old and often forgotten

095/2011 old and often forgotten, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

We’ve had this little ornament for well over a decade. It was given to us as a gift by our friends, and has sat on the mantelpiece ever since. Most of the time, we don’t even notice it’s there anymore, its presence is so taken by granted.

Sometimes, however, like tonight the evening sun lights it up, and it catches our eyes again. It’s like so many more immaterial things in life, too – we need something to make them stand out, for us to notice and appreciate them again.


058/2011 shadow play on the wall

058/2011 shadow play on the wall, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Days are getting longer and longer – from both ends. The afternoon sun created these changing shadow patterns on the wall. The warm light is really soothing.


#174 light and shadow

174/365 light and shadow, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Daily Shoot led me to look for shadows today:

Make a photo composed of interesting shadows today. Try composing with long shadows at the beginning and end of the day.

Towards the evening, the sun shines warmly into our garden, painting attractive shadows on different surfaces. The opposites attracted me in this picture. The shadows reminded me of the intricate designs of the Asian art of shadow theatre.

It’s like yin and yang, an eternal cycle of light and darkness, sun and moon. Two inseparable companions. We need to embrace both, just like our own shadow that will follow us, by our side through life.


#71 light and shadow

071/365 light and shadow, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Afternoon light is getting really bright and interesting. These sharp shadows were formed on our carport wall today. To me, it looked like a grey-scale, modern painting.

I just can’t get enough of the light after the long dark months. Its re-energizing force is magical.


#41 a play of light and shadow

The sun invited me for an afternoon walk today. It is noticeable how shadows on the snow are getting sharper and longer with the bright sunlight. Light and shadow – interconnected and interdependent opposites, bound together in an endless cycle. Where one ends the other begins.

I also liked the contrast between the young and thin, and old, darker and thicker birch trunks. The birch is my favourite Finnish tree because of its changing seasonal look, as opposed to the more common evergreens. We are really lucky in our country with about 60 % of the land area covered with forest and trees.

Birch trees, preferably by a lake or the sea, are an integral part of the landscape of my Finnish soul.