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096/2011 spooked

095/2011 spooked, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Spring sales are all over town. I knew it would be irritatingly crowded in this department store, with people bumbling around hunting for bargain, totally oblivious of anything or anyone around them. And still I went. The yellow crazy days – ‘hullut päivät’ sale – a regular habit to most of us.


#335 hong kong?

335/336 hong kong?, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

A group from a partner school in Singapore arrived for an exchange yesterday. The teacher was surprised to see this sign along the road, thinking it was a Hong Kong style restaurant.

A visit revealed a supermarket, a bit like the one-euro/one-dollar/100-yen shops. It is quite typical to keep looking for something familiar in strange surroundings. At least I do it abroad all the time!


#290 book shopping

290/365 book shopping, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

A friend recommended a new book for me, and as it’s about India – where I’m going for the second time in a month’s time – I wanted to get it straight away. Especially as I just started a one-week autumn break from school, which means some time for JUST FOR ME.

The book store had a promotion for children, with posters and balloons. It looked really cheerful against the otherwise quite colourless architechture. I purposely shot upwards to avoid all the colourful books further down, which would have distracted the eye from the balloons. I love colour!

What I bought can be seen here. It’s a whodunnit, and the beginning is very promising. Will probably be a page turner for me. I can even stay up all night reading it, as there is no school tomorrow. What luxury!


#190 dress hunting

190/2010 dress hunting, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

This afternoon was spent frantically looking for a graduation dress for our daughter. Here, graduates don’t wear the long gowns as in many other countires, so the choice of dress for girls is most important.

It was lovely going round some little boutiques, where you can still enjoy special, personal service. Sure made a nice change to the serve-yourself chain stores And our search paid off, as we did find a dream creation in this young designer’s place. It’s not often that you get to go to a dressing room like this, is it – and this is only one half of it!


#179 high key shopping

179/365 high key shopping, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

White was today’s Daily Shoot colour:

Go high key today. Make a photograph that’s all bright tones or dominated by white.

I had to do a lot of searching and research about high key photography. A totally new concept for me. One thing I did pick up, was that high key photos are bright and create a happy and joyful feeling. No wonder then that lots of white, lights and bright colours are used in shopping centres. Happy people will buy more! Wouldn’t you just be irresistibly drawn towards this entrance?

I now notice that the bottom part of the pillars can’t quite be differentiated from the overall whiteness – sign of overexposure I guess. Today’s assignment was a real challenge, and made me realize how much I need to work before I can even dream of learning. I know so very little about my camera, all its features and how they will affect the picture. Photography truly teaches the patience and humility required for lifelong learning.


#104 crazy days

104/365 crazy days, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Twice a year – spring and autumn – our biggest department store organizes its ‘crazy days’ (‘hullut päivät’) with 3-5 days of special bargain products. They only have a limited stock of each product, so it’s first come, first served. Sometimes people even fight over the last items!

You can’t miss this in the streets either as their signature yellow plastic bags can be seen everywhere. Some people clearly go crazy quite literally!


#044 odd one out

044/365 odd one out, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Today was filled with numbers. Lots of grading to do, so I spent most of the day with the pocket calculator in my hand adding points and working out percentages. Even the Daily Shoot assignment contained numbers:

Odd or even: Compose an image with an odd or even number of subjects today, and make a photo.

For some reason, this made me think of ‘the odd one out’. That’s why, this children’s trolley caught my eye in the local supermarket, while I was having a short break from grading to do some shopping.

Although ‘odd one out’ usually has a negative connotation – something that doesn’t belong – this trolley must have a very positive use for any family with children. What’s more, it offers a nice splash of colour in the blue and metal conformity.

How could we help our students develop a positive mindset about the odd ones out at our schools? They are too easily just marginalized.


#16 busy day at the flea market

It’s so nice doing this photo challenge with my daughter, because it makes us do things together that we wouldn’t normally do, like going to a nearby flea market today. The reason we decided to go there today, was the Daily Shoot assignment:

“One man’s trash is another’s treasure. Make a photo of something discarded or abandoned today.”

I’m really happy that my daughter is an ethically and environmentally aware young lady, who frequently visits the local flea markets to find bargain clothes. I don’t normally go to these places, because the jumbled heaps of junk make it impossible for me to focus and so I never find anything worthwhile there.

I was surprised to see how crowded the place was today. Observing the clientele revealed something about our society. Young people, like my daughter, typically looked for fashionable clothes or retro. Many older Finns seemed to be after rare collector’s treasures at bargain prices, while immigrants, who seemed to be the majority of the custormers, got essential everyday items.

I must say the amount of trash really overwhelmed me, though. Even though a lot of things were finding new homes and owners, it didn’t seem to reduce the piles and stacks at all. There is so much unnecessary stuff in this world that I don’t know where it is all going to go! Nevertheless, walking around with my camera helped me focus this time, and start inventing stories around the discarded items. Children’s toys and clothes were the saddest as they reminded me of the transience of life, the fleeting moments of childhood and children growing up. It seems like only yesterday when I sold my daughter’s baby clothes at a flea market, and soon it will be 20 years ago!


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