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271/2011 end of the day

271/2011 end of the day, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

A busy day ended in a spectacular sunset. Lucky for me, as I hadn’t had any time for photos earlier. The red lines were almost like neon lights!

I’ve been expecting to see northern lights one night. There have been articles in the press that this year, we might see them even here in the south. Usually you only see them up in Lapland. The colours here are not the northern lights, but they reminded me of them. Will have to stay up and keep my eyes open on clear nights!


261/2011 heading south

261/2011 heading south, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Loud bird shrieks made me look up, to see big flocks of cranes, getting into their flying formations, to leave Finland for the winter. The organisation of their flying routines is really amazing, as is their orienteering across continents. Nature sure is full of wonders!

The sight of migratory birds in the sky makes me quite nostalgic. Lucky birds, in a way, escaping from the cold to the warmth of southern Europe or Africa. Welcome back next spring!


208/2011 evening pink

208/2011 evening pink, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

For some reason, my eyes have been drawn by the sky a lot recently. Tonight, for just a brief moment, the horizon turned really pink. Promising another fine day for tomorrow perhaps?


107/2011 blue and white

107/2011 blue and white, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

At the airport, seeing my daughter off, back to her university in Scotland.

This scene caught my eye today, the day of our general election. Blue and white, the colours of our flag. The name of our town in the two official languages of our country. The sky as a symbol of freedom and openness. This election is believed to be a watershed in many respects. Will these symbols look different tomorrow?


063/2011 brief moments

063/2011 brief moments, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Only for a very short time the rising sun painted the eastern sky with these striking pink strokes, and then it was gone.

Our days are full of these brief moments – sometimes noticed and admired, but too often ignored in the daily rush.


040/2011 icing on the trees

040/2011 icing on the trees, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Rapidly dipping temperatures, after yesterday’s snow storm, created these formations on the trees – like thick icing. Clear blue skies added to the crisp effect. At sunset the scenery was particularly attractive.

Pretty, but terribly cold! My poor fingers almost froze while taking these pictures. Winter is still showing its might, and holding us in its icy grip.


031/2011 red sky in the morning

031/2011 red sky in the morning, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Luckily, not a warning, but the beginning of an unusual school day. A line of flags in the school yard, ready to welcome a special guest.

With the start of general election campaigns, we got the honour of a one-hour visit by the Prime Minister herself! Quite interesting, as it’s so rare to receive such top politicians, especially outside Helsinki.