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190/2011 childhood revisited

190/2011 childhood revisited, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

When I grew up in the countryside, we kids used to spend a lot of time in the nearby woods and fields, playing, exploring, imagining things. Wild berries abounded in summer, and since we naturally didn’t carry any bowls with us, this was how we used to carry them – on a grass stalk, out of which it was easy to pop them into our mouths, one by one. So much healthier than the modern version of candy strings!


185/2011 “oma maa mansikka”

185/2011 “oma maa mansikka”, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

There is a Finnish saying ‘oma maa mansikka, muu maa mustikka’ (literally “own country/land strawberry, other country/land blueberry’). It probably came about with the idea of using neat alliterations and references to the abundance of beloved berries in our country, to convey the meaning that your own home is sweeter and better than anything else in the world. I guess, in English, you would say either ‘there is no place like home’, or ‘east , west, home is best”.

The first wild strawberries in front of our kitchen window have ripened while we were away. It’s only been a month since I took this photo of the flowers!

They taste really sweet, although, come to think of it, the saying doesn’t really ring a bell with me, as I find every country/land an equally delicious exotic fruit/berry. Then again, I can’t deny it’s good to be at home after almost a month away!

PS. It’s also really good to have my Canon camera back, after my daughter returned from Africa. I’ve been missing all its feature, most of all, I think, being able to play with the DOF. I never learned to do it with the small Panasonic – maybe it’s not even possible?


166/2011 the best of two worlds

166/2011 the best of two worlds, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

It’s strawberry season in England, some weeks ahead of Finland. I will be lucky to enjoy fresh local strawberries twice this summer.

I used to swear that there was nothing like the sweet Finnish strawberries, ripened during the nightless summer nights. The English ones are beginning to grow on me, too, now. I love all the healthy summer treats!


157/2011 summer and strawberries

157/2011 summer and strawberries, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Our house was built on the land of an old, half wild garden. We still enjoy some of the plants and trees from those times. In front of our kitchen window, we have kept a small green area separate from the concrete of the rest of the yard. Every summer we get a dozen or so wild strawberries in this small area. Seems like this year will be good, too.

Tiny, wild strawberries are the sweetest of all. My old godmother in eastern Finland used to pick enough in the forest to make several jars of jam. As a child I couldn’t imagine anything better in summer than her pancakes with the wild strawberry jam.


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