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271/2011 end of the day

271/2011 end of the day, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

A busy day ended in a spectacular sunset. Lucky for me, as I hadn’t had any time for photos earlier. The red lines were almost like neon lights!

I’ve been expecting to see northern lights one night. There have been articles in the press that this year, we might see them even here in the south. Usually you only see them up in Lapland. The colours here are not the northern lights, but they reminded me of them. Will have to stay up and keep my eyes open on clear nights!


184/2011 the end of the day

184/2011 the end of the day, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

The sunset above the clouds somewhere between London and Helsinki was an apt photo to depict the wistfulness of leaving, but at the same time the beauty of returning home.


116/2011 falling sun

116/2011 falling sun, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Striking sunset tonight. The sun like a fireball falling through the blanket of clouds, colouring the sky in warm hues of orange, red and brown.

Somehow the scene looks religious, or a rather stereotypical romantic backdrop to type a twee poem on. Yet, it was what I witnessed with my own eyes, very real, and captivating. A good ending for a good day.

And best of all – this picture was taken at 8.30 pm, and the sun was still quite high – the clouds misleadingly look like the horizon.


075/2011 the horizon on fire

075/2011 the horizon on fire, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Under ordinary circumstances, this would be a lovely, warm picture of the setting sun in the horizon. Yet, tonight, following the terrible news from across the globe, I see in it an ominous threat of radiation, explosions and fire.

News overload, scary times…


052/2011 sunset colours

052/2011 sunset colours, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Beautiful warm colours by the riverside as the sun was starting to set, especially on the reddish brown masts of the sailing boat. This scene managed to make me forget the cold for a while. The best thing about this picture, though, is that it was taken at 5pm. We already have 9 hrs 40 mins of daylight!


#225 orange sunset

225/365 orange sunset, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

The first week of school has been so hectic, and I have been so shaken out of any routine that I have only managed to think about my photos in the evening.

This evening I climbed up to the rocks behind our house to wait for the sunset, hoping for some unusual colours at least. It wasn’t spectacular, but still pretty. With the sun, another day and the first working week disappeared behind the horizon. Good night world!


#135 ever longer days

135/365 ever longer days, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Part of today’s forecast:
The sun rises at 4:50 am and sets at 22:06, the length of the day is 17h 16 mins.

This picture was taken at traffic lights, through my car side mirror at around 21:45. With the heatwave we are suddenly experiencing, the town had gone wildly mad with partying people everywhere – and, sadly, more and more police cars, too. The northern nightless nights are something else…