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173/2011 tennis and cream tea

173/2011 tennis and cream tea, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

After watching Wimbledon tennis on TV, we appriopriately found this quirky “tennis match” teapot on the window cill of the country tea house we visited. It is an example of Sadler vintage pottery, an English company founded in 1882, and generally considered synonymous with quality and good taste. Their teapots have found their way around the world, and are also quite collectable. Possibly not so practical in everyday use, but certainly pretty to look at. Must say, today’s tennis fashions look quite different 🙂

We went to the countryside to have Sussex cream tea, which is a summer must for us. The portions consists of black tea (with milk of course) in beautiful china cups, and scones with strawberry jam and clotted cream. Delicious!


#349 soothing jasmin

349/365 soothing jasmin, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Daily Shoot today:

Yellow is great at grabbing attention. Make a photograph today where the primary subject is yellow in color.

I love Chinese teas, and their beautiful boxes. Feeling a bit under the weather today, but a cup of this jasmine tea worked wonders.


#56 a place of peace

056/365 a place of peace, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

As a Finn, from a scarcely populated country of wide open areas, I have a need for peace and quiet every so often. Much as I like the refreshing hustle and bustle of foreign metropolises, and all the new exciting experiences, a place like this tea room in Chinatown in Singapore, offered a welcome moment of respite in the busy lifestyle.

The tea room had nice little nooks and crannies for parties of various sizes and all kinds of calming zen-like decor. It’s lovely to gather around a low table and sit on red silky cushions, although I have to admit that my unaccustomed knees did protest a bit. And then prepare proper tea (ie. not the teabag variety!) and enjoy it from tiny little cups following all the meticulous rituals. Good for the soul.


#14 a calming cuppa

014/365 a calming cuppa, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

There is nothing like a nice cup of Rooibos tea in the evening after a long and trying workday. Tea is a universal remedy.

My school day was spent, not only doing my regular lessons, but also sorting out some huge drama that had developed between one of our Spanish student guests and his hosts. I think it was a case of culture shock regressing the poor boy into rather childhish and immature behaviour. All in all, yet another valuable learning experience about student exchanges and what to take into account.

In the evening, we had the annual marketing day at school, trying to promote our school to prospective future students and their parents. There is a lot of competition between senior high schools in our area about attracting good students. But it’s not easy for teachers to suddenly turn into PR professionals. The arrangements also proved how practically impossible it is for the individual subject teachers at my school to plan and work together as a team. Inside the classroom, teachers work in isolation and alone, which leads to quite rigid comfort zones.


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