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097/2011 it’s not the technology…

Had a training day, attending the biggest ICT conference in Finland. Predictably, lots of vendors with their latest gadgets and technological gizmos to tempt school administrators, principals and educators. IWBs are yesterday’s news – it’s huge touch screens that you need to invest in now!

Fortunately, I also heard presenters emphasize the pedagogy behind all the bells and whistles, and the need to change the whole culture of the school – especially if you shift to 1:1.


076/2011 big brother is watching

076/2011 big brother is watching, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

All day workshop to learn about distance teaching methods and techniques, using the Adobe Connect pro system. A lot of things you can do, and it seems that even young students enjoy learning foreign languages this way, judging by the positive feedback the experienced teachers reported.

Technology shouldn’t become the master, though. I found it curious that some teachers even ‘distance teach’, with their students in the same building, only in a different room!


042/2011 an expensive toy?

042/2011 an expensive toy?, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Finally got a chance to get a quick feel of one of these. Many school administrators over here seem to believe that the future of education lies inside a tablet format tool, so we got one trial version to see what we think.

I must say, the shiny screen and cute icons drew my fingers like a strong magnet. First impression – typing on it was slightly problematic. A lot of hype around it, but I’m not totally convinced…


032/2011 look into the future

032/2011 look into the future, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Light reflected on a CD, creates an interesting display of spectral colours. A rather futuristic look, which is very apt today, as I spent most of the day brainstorming designs for the next phase of our renewed learning environment. Ideas about future schools look as fascinating as these colours, but, at the same time, it is very difficult to predict future needs. Investments in schools can never keep up with the present speed of change.

I wonder how long we will be using CDs anymore? During my, relatively short, career as a language teacher, I’ve already seen reel-to-reel tapes, audio cassettes and VHC videos disappear – what next?


#271 my daily nightmare

271/365 my daily nightmare, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

It was the Daily Shoot that made me take pictures of plugs today:

Power plugs are ubiquitous. Can you make a creative photo of such a common thing? Try it today!

This photo is hardly creative, but the assignment reminded me of a constant irritation I have with plugs and wiring at school. This is the drawer of one of the language classrooms where I teach, as do many other teachers (we don’t have our own classrooms). ICT people have done the wiring, and I don’t mind for as long as it works. But it’s not seldom that there is a problem, and trying to make sense of this wire spaghetti, all over the corner, is quite a nightmare!

I think I have put up with it long enough – first thing tomorrow morning, I will take charge of sorting out this mess.


#180 my window to the world

180/365 my window to the world, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

All day stuck at home with a slight summer cold. Real nuisance on a beautiful, sunny day. Spent most of the time tying up some unfinished business online, so not a total waste. Today’s picture ended up being this for the Daily Shoot, as it quite appropriately depicts my day:

What’s your favorite device to access the Internet? Make a photograph of it today.

My favourite device is my laptop, of course. Small and snappy, it keeps me connected – wirelessly, day and night. No mobile Internet for me yet. I am dreaming of iPhones more and more, though…

Just realized what a contrast to yesterday’s all white picture!

Screen picture credit: NASA Blue Marble


#124 hooked on technology

124/365 hooked on technology, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

My Indonesian and Indian colleagues in our teachers’ conference room during the school exchange in Singapore, where teachers from 10 different countries and 13 different schools got together. Whenever I entered the room, I found teacher sitting quietly at their laptops – either working or keeping in touch with family and colleagues at home. It was rather sad, since many opportunities for face-to-face interaction and exchange of ideas were lost. Is technology isolating us from the presence of people around us?


#84 are you smart enough?

084/365 are you smart enough?, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

I have been experimenting with the Smart Board at school all week. Also with this interactive slate. It gives me a whole new perspective to the classroom, as I’m not in front any more. It does make me rethink many set routines that I have developed over the years.

At the same time, though, almost daily there is something that doesn’t work. So many wires that get disconnected too easily, so many buttons and features that other teachers using the same classroom press and select, which I then don’t know how to unselect.

My feelings about this new tech at the moment are very much black and white, just as the picture. It’s fab when it does what I or the students want it to do, but when it plays up (or I don’t know how to control it), it is very frustrating! But I will keep learning.


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