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234/2011 organised

234/2011 organised, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

The beginning of the school year forces me to dig out my diary again, and start keeping track of hours, days and schedules. With this, I am still very old-fashioned and prefer a traditional paper diary to any new-fangled technology. Old habits die hard!


200/2011 fleeting moments

200/2011 fleeting moments, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

I realized today that my summer holiday is well into its second half now. These wild flowers in the vase are also beyond their prime, and will soon wither away. All this reminds me again to enjoy every moment to the fullest!


172/365 summer solstice 11.10 pm

172/365 summer solstice 11.10 pm, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Summer solstice today – the longest day of the year. The sun rose at 4.01 am and it set at 11.04 pm, which made the lenght of the day 19 hrs 3 mins. Our Midsummer has been moved to the nearest Saturday of the solstice, ie. next weekend will be the festive summer celebration.

We really had a colourful sunset today. It’s amazing how fast this lightest time of the year flies past. From now on, it will be the slow descend till winter darkness again. Luckily, the shortening of the day will hardly be noticeable until August! Summer has hardly begun, and there is lots more of it left.

The sky at 10 pm.

The sky at 11.30 pm.


#148 the unbearable lightness of being

One week to go till summer holiday! And I’m having a Friday off, as it’s the last exam week, and sometimes we teachers get this luxury then.

This dandelion represents my frivolous mood perfectly. I feel like just blowing on the fluffy dandelion seeds and watching them fly up in the air, disppearing into the distance, taking away all the worry, hurry and work load of the entire school year with them.

I feel I’ve got all the time in the world to go wherever the wind wants to take me, and it’s a great feeling!


#82 kiwi time

082/365 kiwi time, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Today’s Daily Shoot asked us to:

Look for angles today: 90s, 45s, or any other combination of angles that make an interesting composition.

The hands on an ordinary old-fashioned clock form different angles at different times. I really like our kiwi kitchen clock. Its happy round green face with the fun design greets me first thing every morning, and keeps me on time for work.

I much prefer checking time on this type of a clock, probably because I usually need to know how much time I’ve got left before the next deadline, and the degree of the angle helps me gauge this more easily than looking at digital numbers

A teacher’s working day is strictly divided into designated time slots, and each lesson plan in the course of the school day has its almost minute to minute hectic schedule. When I first started teaching, the first thing I used to do, after coming home from school, was to free myself from wearing the watch. Somehow it marked the difference between my own flexible time and the rigid school routine. Later on, I developed a strong dislike to wearing a watch at all, and now don’t even own one. Our classrooms have no clocks either, and the school laptops can’t seem to keep the time very well, so I have developed my inner school clock over the years. It works pretty well, and it’s only occasionally that I have to check from the students how we are doing with time.


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