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#251 my two roads to school

251/365 my two roads to school, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

How did you get around today? Make a photograph of your transportation and post it.

Lovely cycling weather today. Early in the morning, I really needed the fleece jacket but had to take it off cycling home in the afternoon. My cycle path goes over the motorway that I often take when I drive to school. It’s actually quite unpleasant to see and hear the cars swooshing fast underneath.

The slow pace of cycling suits me very well. It gives me time to go through my lesson plans in my mind in the mornings, and calm down and reflect on the day on the way home. I should remember to include more slow reflection moments in my lessons, too. Usually, the daily pace is more like the motorway.


#226 swishing past

226/365 swishing past, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

This was one of my attempts for today’s Daily Shoot:

Make a photograph with motion blur today. Use a fast moving subject or a slow shutter speed can do the trick.

More and more often I get the feeling of life flying by. It seems as if I can’t get hold of anything, it all becomes a blur. Days just follow days, and before I know it, it’s another birthday or Christmas again. Didn’t I only just pack up and finish with my lessons for a long, long summer break? And here I am, starting anew again. Wasn’t it just yesterday that I held my little baby girl in my arms, and now she’s about to leave home? I can’t stop time but I can start slowing down, and living every fleeting moment.


#206 green travelling

206/365 green travelling, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Cycling past the railway station today, these new green trains caught my eye. I’ve always loved travelling by train. Seeing the rails here makes me want to hop on and start an improvised adventure, just like the Interrail trips I did around Europe decades ago, as a young university student. Apart from the environmental aspect, trains are ideal for people and scenery watching, getting a real sense of distance, and so much more comfortable than buses or coaches, let alone cramped cars that you have to drive yourself. It’s a pity that so many youngsters today think they are always in such a hurry that they’d rather opt for the budget airlines. They have little patience for the fascinating journey, with only the gleaming holiday destination in mind.

Back at home, some net research revealed that our national railway company has teamed up with the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation to promote green travelling, and accordingly painted the new trains with pictures of indigeneous Finnish animals, like the swans here, and forest and lake scenes. Great idea!


#19 no snowdays for us

019/365 no snowdays for us, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Today’s Daily Shoot made me think of transport.

Make an interesting photo of a mode of transportation today: car, plane, bicycle, subway, or whatever you like!

So I took a picture of students’ bikes in the schoolyard at noon. Many curious students kept asking why on earth I was photographing their bikes! I was actually wondering who owns that cute red bike, which really stood out in the long boring line of blacks and greys.

I am actually amazed at how many students cycle all through the winter, whatever the weather. They must be really fit! It’s understandable, though, if they live not far from school. Cycling doesn’t cost them anything, and is often quicker than many bus services. We don’t know the system of school buses in our country, so students always use public transportation. It’s only for very young primary school kids, who live further than walking distance from school, that the local government must provide a taxi service.

Our country is so geared up for winter conditions that schools, offices or other work places are never closed because of the weather. Snowdays are something out of Hollywood movies to us. We will push against the fiercest winds, and plough through the thickest snow. I think this is because we have been brought up with the Lutheran work ethic, according to which hard work is everybody’s obligation. Consequently, our lifestyle may come across as very rigid and perfunctory.

Foreigners think Finns are barking mad to cycle on slippery roads. I tend to agree with them! I really worry about students who cycle without a hat at minus temperatus with the wind chill factor. My bike will be safely hibernating until the last trace of ice has disappeared – hopefully sometime around April.


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