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272/2011 on the buses

272/2011 on the buses, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Felt like I spent most of today on the bus. I took our five Spanish exchange students for a 2-day training course in Helsinki. At the crack of dawn, we took the bus to Helsinki, two and a half hours. The first programme there, was a 2-hour sightseeing tour, on the bus again!

The Helsinki sightseeing bus was very appropriate for the season – nice maple leaves with reddish edges decorated both sides.


184/2011 the end of the day

184/2011 the end of the day, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

The sunset above the clouds somewhere between London and Helsinki was an apt photo to depict the wistfulness of leaving, but at the same time the beauty of returning home.


183/2011 peculiarities

183/2011 peculiarities, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

No, it’s not preserved fossils from a bygone era in a museum, but pickled eggs and onions at an English fish&chip shop. These are unknown at home, and I have never developed a taste for them. Actually, they look rather suspect to me, in their glass jars on the counter.


175/2011 through a green tunnel

175/2011 through a green tunnel, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Along the bus route between Eastbourne and Brighton. The best place to sit is on the front seat, upstairs on a double-decker bus. Going up and down the narrow, twisty roads almost gives the same feeling in your stomach as a rollercoaster. In tunnels like this, the branches scrape the roof and side windows of the bus, making quite a noise. The double-deckers also sway from side to side quite a bit, so taking unshaken photos is practically impossible!

It was actually here that our daughter, as a tiny tot, learned the meaning of the word ‘tunnel’.


169/2011 at the country pub

169/2011 at the country pub, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

The English country pub tradition seems to be alive and well. With their large gardens, they also welcome families with children. Parents can enjoy their meals and, if they are lucky, some locally brewed real ale, too, while children run around and play (we passed by a bit too early on this Saturday evening for the locals to have gone out for dinner, hence the still totally empty tables and benches). Food is usually fresh and delicious, service friendly with lots of banter and smiles, and the architecture of the old houses offers additional interest.

In the middle of the ever accelerating change everywhere these days, it’s nice to see something old, traditional and stable.

PS. For the next two weeks I’ve got to rely on my little pocket-size Panasonic, as I gave my Canon to my daughter, who went to South Africa for an eco volunteering experience. It will be a challenge for me to work with a camera without the powerful zoom lens but a good learning experience, too, to try and see things differently, not to mention to experiment with all the functions of this camera without the instruction booklet that I left at home.


165/2011 the kilt

165/2011 the kilt, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

I wanted a picture of a Scotsman wearing a kilt, and had to wait till our last day, and return journey, to finally get one. They certainly didn’t seem to be everyday fashion anywhere we went.

This piper in full traditional gear entertained tourist at Gretna Green, the first village after the English border. There is something curious about a man wearing a female skirt-like garment, and all the pins and furry pouches that go along with it. And then, of course, there is the mystery of what, if anything, is worn underneath!


164/2011 a wee dram

164/2011 a wee dram, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

When in Scotland, whisky tasting is a must. Famous Loch Ness with the legendary monster also has its own signature whisky. Get carried away with your ‘wee drams’, and you might even get a glimpse of the evasive Nessie 🙂

I’m not into whisky at all but I enjoy seeing the never-ending selection of different single-malts, and trying some of the creative Scotch-spiced cooking. I must say the traditional Scottish haggis with the whisky sauce was really delicious.


163/2011 evening in the highlands

163/2011 evening in the highlands, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Our journey continued north, to the highlands of Scotland. During our evening in Inverness, we came across a live music pub, the Hootananny, were a traditional Scottish ‘ceilidh’, ie live folk music and dancing, was going on.

In addition to the more common instruments, such as the guitar and accordeon, naturally there were different Scottish bagpipes, too. What a warm and cheerful atmosphere on a cold and rainy evening!


162/2011 happy birthday to you

162/2011 happy birthday to you, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Celebrated my husband’s birthday ‘on the road’. An ideal present – a bouquet of wild flowers picked in a meadow to bring some warmth and life into an otherwise impersonal, standard hotel room.


160/2011 a welcome sight

160/2011 a welcome sight, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Over 600 miles from the south coast of England to Aberdeen in the north-east of Scotland in one day, and on Britain’s massively congested motorways, too! Getting to our inn late at night was a relief beyond words. We slept like logs!


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