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163/2011 evening in the highlands

163/2011 evening in the highlands, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Our journey continued north, to the highlands of Scotland. During our evening in Inverness, we came across a live music pub, the Hootananny, were a traditional Scottish ‘ceilidh’, ie live folk music and dancing, was going on.

In addition to the more common instruments, such as the guitar and accordeon, naturally there were different Scottish bagpipes, too. What a warm and cheerful atmosphere on a cold and rainy evening!


162/2011 happy birthday to you

162/2011 happy birthday to you, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Celebrated my husband’s birthday ‘on the road’. An ideal present – a bouquet of wild flowers picked in a meadow to bring some warmth and life into an otherwise impersonal, standard hotel room.


160/2011 a welcome sight

160/2011 a welcome sight, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Over 600 miles from the south coast of England to Aberdeen in the north-east of Scotland in one day, and on Britain’s massively congested motorways, too! Getting to our inn late at night was a relief beyond words. We slept like logs!


158/2011 giants at the airport

158/2011 giants at the airport, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

I’m in two minds about flying. I enjoy travelling, and experiencing new places, and flying is the fastest way to get there. Then again, I feel bad about making my carbon footprint bigger and bigger. These giants are not good for our atmosphere.

But off I went again today – to Britain for half of my summer holiday.


135/2011 just a touch of green

135/2011 just a touch of green, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

All through the 4-day stay, my eyes were drawn by these typical timber-framed buildings, and the care that the residents took to decorate their windows.

When travelling, some scenes always stay in mind my more strongly than others, to remind me of a particular place. It’s the windows of Strasbourg that I will especially remember.


133/2011 euroscola

133/2011 euroscola, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Euroscola is an EU funded programme for groups of students from all EU countries to get together at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, to meet each other, try their language skills, and discuss important issues. During the day, the students get a lot of information about all the different bodies of the European Union, and their duties and responsibilities. The students also get to simulate the work of an MEP, by working in committees, discussing a given theme, and presenting a proposal to be voted on. They sit on the places of actual MEPs, use the microphones, headphones for simultaneous interpretation in several languages, and the electronic voting buttons. All the results of the votes are projected on the huge screen on the wall, just as in a real session.

Today, there were over 500 high school students from 24 European countries. The working languages were English, German and French, but interpretation was also available in Spanish and Italian. Topics discussed by students included: European values, the future of Europe, environmental issues, pros and cons of the use of ICT by youngsters, volunteering, democracy and European relations with the rest of the world. Challenging, motivating and highly educational!


132/2011 beginning of another journey

Why is it that most journeys seem to start in the early hours of the morning. At 4.30 am, watching the sun rise along the motorway to Helsinki airport. Only very few early birds on the road. I wonder if we all caught the worm?

Strasbourg, here we come!

It is two and a half weeks since this photo was taken. I have never been this much behind in uploading my daily pictures. I am rather disappointed with myself, even though I have reasons/excuses (first the trip, and catching an awful cold there, and being rather poorly every since, plus catching up with work, etc. etc. etc.). I must admit the thought of actually quitting my project did pop up in my mind once or twice. I feel I have very unkindly neglected all the lovely people that I have met on Flickr, and through this blog. I do apologize to each of you for not commenting on your wonderful photos. I intend to carry on though, as I enjoy getting the daily pictures so much. Summer holiday is just round the corner, so more time to dedicate to this great hobby 🙂


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