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068/2011 focus!

068/2011 focus!, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

In the middle of a hectic week of rushing around like a headless chicken, I took a breathing break in the staffroom, and focused my eyes on the lovely bunches of tulips that our male colleagues got for us ladies yesterday, for the International Women’s Day. This scene really calmed me down.


023/2011 droopy

023/2011 droopy, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

This is the last photo in my weekend tulip theme. Just as well, I chose this theme, as the weather has never changed in the whole week. Just grey, cloudy, and absolutely dreary!

It’s the end of the weekend, which usually seem as short as the life of the cut tulips. Only in 2 1/2 days they start nodding their heads, some of the blooms have opened too much, and pollen is dropping onto the table.

I, too, get this droopy feeling towards Sunday evening when I have to open my school bag, which usually reveals a pile of papers waiting to be marked. Why don’t I deal with them on Friday afternoon before going home, to allow myself to enjoy Sundays to the fullest? Better still, why don’t I allow students to surprise me with something that I’d look forward to reading, instead of the same old boring assignments that motivate no one, it seems?

Any tips on getting tulips to last longer?


022/2011 variation

022/2011 variation, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

My weekend tulip theme continues. I wanted to take a very different picture from yesterday’s colourful orange bunch. However, the reddish brown table top was the wrong choice. The background should have been white, or at least much lighter. Unfortunaely, it wasn’t until the natural afternoon light had disappeared that I realized this. Tried to rescue it with some Picnik effects but I didn’t manage to create the look I was after. Will have to retake this one day!

The yellow tulip is lovely all the same.


021/2011 well done!

021/2011 well done!, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

I rewarded myself for managing a very busy week, with two bunches of beautiful tulips. The buds are just about to open a little bit, just like the weekend is just about to start unfolding. Anticipation of something nice is often the best moment.

We all need rewards for our work, if not from others, why not from ourselves! I often worry about very weak students who keep failing, even after trying hard. What reward will they find? In the present system, praising them for their effort becomes futile if there is no measurable improvement in grades. Inner motivation is too rare amongst teenagers, but maybe we should partly blame ourselves and the system for the lack of it.


#18 tulip

018/365 tulip, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Tulips are here. Every year, soon after Christmas, they fill the shops in colourful masses. Our local supermarket has a constant offer on a bunch of ten for a couple of months. I love them, and keep buying lots to fool myself that spring is just round the corner. Today I was practising minimalism (following the Daily Shoot assignment) so I only put one in this vase. It’s my favourite colour, orange, although the white around it makes it look almost red.

The vase is my favourite, too. I think almost every Finnish home has at least one of these, designed by maybe the most famous Finnish designer and architect Alvar Aalto. The shape is absolutely ingenious, because it always looks good, whether you put one delicate flower in it, or a big bouquet.

We now have ten of these in this vase, and another ten pink tulips in another vase. Colourful flowers really brighten up the room – and cheer me up, too. It was the ninth day without the sun today…


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