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231/2011 culture by the riverside

231/2011 culture by the riverside, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Another great evening of art and culture by the riverside in our European capital of culture. Acrobatics inside glowing bubbles gliding on the water. Reminded me of the old British cult series – the Prisoner. “I am not a number, I am a free man!”


222/2011 august nights

222/2011 august nights, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

It’s definitely in the air – the end of summer. Darkening nights bring out the gaudy colours of the riverside bars and restaurants on the surface of the river. And the evening chill, can’t ignore it any more. Melancholy time of the year.


220/2011 ‘saunalab’

220/2011 ‘saunalab’, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Quite an unusual art project – 4 tiny artsy saunas around the town, for about 4-5 people to rent at one time (you can’t fit any more in there). This yellow onion sauna stand next to the outdoor swimming where I do my water aerobics twice a week. Novel idea for the European culture capital – and very apt for Finland, the country that gave the word ‘sauna’ to the world!


199/2011 entrances

199/2011 entrances, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Cycling instead of driving is a good way to observe the surroundings. My eye is often drawn to nice-looking entrances, gates and flower arrangements. This one, in particular, was very inviting. Aren’t you just magnetigally drawn towards that white bench in the yard?


194/2011 pinella is back!

194/2011 pinella is back!, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

This riverside bar and restaurant used to be my regular hang-out when I was a university student. Countless spring and summer nights were spent on this terrace, over a bottle of wine, talking about making this world a better place.

I was really sad, when at the beginning of the new millennium, it seemed that the whole place was doomed to decay. Luckily, a rescue operation took place, and this spring the place was reopened, in a modernized form. But the old pillars from the early 19th century are still there, whispering the voices of almost 200 years of history.

And this is what the modern new summer terrace looks like. Really nice, like a livingroom by the river!


189/2011 pop up

189/2011 pop up, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

A new concept for a ‘pop up restaurant and bar’ – a temporary, open tent set up only for the month of July, right in the centre of town, As part of the European Culture Capital Year, a renowned Finnish Michelin chef is behind this idea. Top chefs from around the world are expected to tempt us with their concoctions on three evenings, and live music performances are lined up for the bar at the other end of the tent.

Tonight we enjoyed the show of a sympathetic young beatboxer.


152/2011 welcome june!

152/2011 welcome june!, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Taking a walk along the riverside revealed another environmental art installation of our culture capital. Giant glass-fibre eiders, by artist Reima Nurmikko, have been set free to float in the river. According to the artist, they symbolize freedom, but even more importantly, the artist wants to draw attention to the urgency of protecting the Baltic Sea, the habitat of the real eiders that come to build their nests in our waters.


One local comprehensive school also acquired a few of these bird statues some years back, and they have become favourite climbing and playing frames for the students, while reminding them of environmental issues at the same time.

June started with a sudden heatwave – +28 degrees Celcius today! Lots of people flocked to the riverbanks in the afternoon.


146/2011 tulipa aboa

146/2011 tulipa aboa, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

A special tulip was developed in Holland, to celebrate the European Culture Capital year of our town. Thousands of them have been planted around town. I came across these by the riverside tonight, a bit past their prime already. The colour was supposed to be orange but these look more red to me. Still nice.


100/2011 fight for turku – lost?

Yesterday was the premiere of the documentary ‘Fight for Turku’, about the destruction of a lot of beautiful old architecture in our town, over the last 50 years. One point of the documentary was to show how, after World War II, people wanted something modern in place of the old, and that’s when the monstrous concrete blocks started appearing. Another point were young alternative artists, who still keep squatting old deserted buildings, demanding an autonomous cultural centre for themselves, but time after time, they lose the battles against politicians, and big construction companies.

Seeing the film really opened my eyes to look at my town differently. The same phenomenon is still rampant all over town. Money talks. How long before this unusual corner house will have to go, and another characterless box will rise in its place? The one behind it is already gone!


051/2011 unchanged

051/2011 unchanged, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Soft snow, gently falling down outside, gave a nice view out of the window of this historical pub, where I spent the evening with my friend planning our short holiday trip. The pub has been converted from a chemist’s, with the decor and features of the old jugend building left intact.

Since 1993, a unique clientele has loyally gathered inside these historic walls, despite the fact that the interior has stayed exactly the same. It’s quite an achievement in the modern times of hectic change.


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