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262/2011 fall

262/2011 fall, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Raindrops and yellow leaves kept falling down today. Full autumn now!This solitary leaf was waiting for me on the roof of the car. This is it now, for real. Chilly, windy and wet!


204/2011 thunder

204/2011 thunder, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

The natural result of extreme heat, is the break out of a thunderstorm. Darker and darker clouds started moving across the sky, at amazing speed. Having just seen the last Harry Potter film, this scene made me think of death eaters chasing after their prey!

And at the same time, the horrible news from Norway kept unfolding on every screen. Black, stormy day.


202/2011 almost tropical shower

202/2011 almost tropical shower, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

We have been having very unusual weather this week. Extreme heat, broken by short, strong bouts of rain, which, however, haven’t brought any cool relief, quite the contrary actually. The humidity has been almost tropical!


168/2011 rain rain go away

168/2011 rain rain go away, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Miserable day, with downpours on and off all day. Stereotypical English weather, right? Yet, we are actually in the “Sun Trap of the South” with plenty of gorgeous sunshine all summer.

I didn’t mind really, though, as this gave me a good excuse to stay in all day and catch up with all the reading put to one side during the hectic school year. Finished Amy Chua’s ‘Tiger Mother’  in a couple of hours – a real page turner. Now onto Elizabeth Gilbert’s ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ – wonderful holiday reading!


121/2011 hail storm!

121/2011 hail storm!, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Happy 1st of May! We are so ready for the summer season by now, and then the skies start spewing hail on us.

Of course, nothing major to moan about, considering what’s happening elsewhere in the world. I just hope our flowers and plants will survive!


088/2011 no, no, no!

088/2011 no, no, no!, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Awful weather! More snow with a strong wind. Walking outdooors felt like somebody was whipping my face. There is an old Finnish saying: “new snow is the death of the old snow”. Even this doesn’t seem to apply this year, as the more snow-thaw-more snow scenario has been repeating itself for weeks now.

On a more positive note, this photo turned out interesting – rather like an oil painting.


066/2011 at school

066/2011 at school, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Another school week started. Leaving home in the afternoon, I noticed the thawing process around the school building, too. It’s quite a juggle to get in and out with dry shoes!

The sunshine is lovely, but funny enough, it also makes many of us very tired. It’s as though our bodies are not yet ready for the longer activity periods. I’ve been seriously affected for over a week now. I need an afternoon nap every day after school, and I’m at least one day behind with all my work and chores. Got to be gentle with myself, give my body and mind time to adjust to the drastically changing seasons.


065/2011 dazzled by the light

065/2011 dazzled by the light, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

This has been the most beautiful weekend so far. The thick snow is still there in places, and people still go skiing, but but not for long, I don’t think. The alternating thawing in the daytime, and freezing again at night, hardens the surface of the snow so that it glistens like this in the sunshine.

Definitely spring in the air. Bird song everywhere, and the sun is warm enough to even allow sitting outside for a while after sauna!


039/2011 hazardous driving

039/2011 hazardous driving, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Yet another blizzard hit us last night, and continued all through the morning. Snow clearing vehicles couldn’t keep up, so traffic moved more slowly than usual. In places, I even lost the sight of the lanes and ended up half on the pavement!

This scene from my car window
depicts the conditions quite well. We don’t need – or want – any more snow, please!


025/2011 a glimpse of gorgeous blue

Momentarily, very briefly, the horizon became unusually blue even though we didn’t see any trace of the sun all day. Actually, haven’t seen the sun for over a week. The blue was somehow reflected through the clouds – very strange. And then it was gone.

I am really deprived of natural colour and light. Wishing my time away, and dreaming of spring and summer. Driving home today, they talked about many Finns now buying second homes in Thailand, where they spend half the year. I can understand why!

Anyway, to end on a happier note – getting this fleeting blue moment today was lovely!


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