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065/2011 dazzled by the light

065/2011 dazzled by the light, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

This has been the most beautiful weekend so far. The thick snow is still there in places, and people still go skiing, but but not for long, I don’t think. The alternating thawing in the daytime, and freezing again at night, hardens the surface of the snow so that it glistens like this in the sunshine.

Definitely spring in the air. Bird song everywhere, and the sun is warm enough to even allow sitting outside for a while after sauna!


039/2011 hazardous driving

039/2011 hazardous driving, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Yet another blizzard hit us last night, and continued all through the morning. Snow clearing vehicles couldn’t keep up, so traffic moved more slowly than usual. In places, I even lost the sight of the lanes and ended up half on the pavement!

This scene from my car window
depicts the conditions quite well. We don’t need – or want – any more snow, please!


025/2011 a glimpse of gorgeous blue

Momentarily, very briefly, the horizon became unusually blue even though we didn’t see any trace of the sun all day. Actually, haven’t seen the sun for over a week. The blue was somehow reflected through the clouds – very strange. And then it was gone.

I am really deprived of natural colour and light. Wishing my time away, and dreaming of spring and summer. Driving home today, they talked about many Finns now buying second homes in Thailand, where they spend half the year. I can understand why!

Anyway, to end on a happier note – getting this fleeting blue moment today was lovely!


011/2011 treacherous ice

011/2011 treacherous ice, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

At long last, a little bit of asphalt visible in our yard after many weeks! I don’t know which is worse, though – a thick blanket of white snow, or the slippery icerink we have outside the door at the moment! I had to adopt my careful ‘winter walk’ again today, which, according to my family, makes me walk like a funny old duck! Better safe than sorry, I think – and at my age, I’m not worried or embarrassed about looking ridiculous any more.

Water, a prerequisite for life, and beautiful in a myriad of forms, can also turn out to be fatal in extreme conditions. We have been following the tragic news about Australian floods, and here in Finland, one person died and several got injured when, with the warming temperature, huge blocks of icy snow started falling from roofs.  How powerful the elements are!


009/2011 rain

009/2011 rain, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Living on the coast, you’ve got to be prepared for quickly changing weather. This morning it was plus degrees, and pouring with rain. Snow on the conifer bush in front of our house had melted into droplets of water, which turned out quite strange in this picture. They almost look solid!

I’ve been helping my daughter pack today – she’ll go back to her university in Scotland tomorrow. I will also go back to school. A lovely holiday is over. Time for good-byes yet again. An old quote from an old favourite film (Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner) comes to mind:

All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain…


007/2011 drowning in snow

007/2011 drowning in snow, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

It’s getting from bad to worse! No end to the white stuff coming down from the clouds!

I felt almost claustrophobic walking in the street today – the pavement and the street is getting narrower and narrower.

The snow cover on our roof will soon be considerably thicker than at any point last winter. Funny formations on the gutter, though – makes me think of gargoyles 🙂

Even here in Finland, people in towns are now struggling to clear the snow, in order to still be able to manoeuvre in the streets. In Helsinki, they are now looking for big enough underground tunnels to store the mountains of snow. Two birds with one stone: most importantly, clear the streets, and secondly, as an innovative added bonus, possibly use the snow for district air-conditioning next summer.

A real-life problem calling for a creative solution. A powerful formula to remember in the classroom, too!


#346 cold winter blues!

346/365 cold winter blues!, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Why does white snow sometimes look blue? I remember reading that it is to do with how sunlight is reflected back from the surface of snow crystals, or absorbed into the bank.

Today, it was particularly cold, minus 15 degrees Celcius, but with a bright sunshine. In the shadows, the snow looked particularly cold and blue.


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