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052/2011 sunset colours

052/2011 sunset colours, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Beautiful warm colours by the riverside as the sun was starting to set, especially on the reddish brown masts of the sailing boat. This scene managed to make me forget the cold for a while. The best thing about this picture, though, is that it was taken at 5pm. We already have 9 hrs 40 mins of daylight!


043/2011 white on white

043/2011 white on white, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Just a picture of the colour scheme outdoors. The pile of snow sitting on our garden fence, epitomizes the immobile state of winter. Nothing moves, it just is!

I couldn’t decide which photo to choose today – this one or the one below. In the end, it was the straight lines above that better depicted my lazy mood today.


040/2011 icing on the trees

040/2011 icing on the trees, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Rapidly dipping temperatures, after yesterday’s snow storm, created these formations on the trees – like thick icing. Clear blue skies added to the crisp effect. At sunset the scenery was particularly attractive.

Pretty, but terribly cold! My poor fingers almost froze while taking these pictures. Winter is still showing its might, and holding us in its icy grip.


039/2011 hazardous driving

039/2011 hazardous driving, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Yet another blizzard hit us last night, and continued all through the morning. Snow clearing vehicles couldn’t keep up, so traffic moved more slowly than usual. In places, I even lost the sight of the lanes and ended up half on the pavement!

This scene from my car window
depicts the conditions quite well. We don’t need – or want – any more snow, please!


037/2011 icy beauty

037/2011 icy beauty, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Heather branches encapsulated in crystal clear ice during the night – nature’s art at its best! Such natural beauty is surprising, unpredictable, and only visible if we take the time to stop and stare. It’s often ephemeral as well, as this tiny ice scuplture on our balcony, which soon melted away with the afternoon sunshine. The daily alternation of water and ice are sure signs of approaching spring!

Here is another interesting ice formation:


036/2011 frosty claws of winter

036/2011 frosty claws of winter, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

For some inspiration on a dull, colourless winter day, I let my imagination run wild and shot some unusual shapes in the nearby wood. Interestingly, all I saw was monster-like creatures, which might make me jump in the dark. Winter has clearly possessed me by now!

There was also the sleeping giant behind a tree.

A terrifying monster creeping out from underneath the thick cover of snow to get me.

Some hibernating bats!

And a one-eyed cyclops watching me.

No wonder kids never get tired of winter!


033/2011 last winter in this yard

033/2011 last winter in this yard, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

I wanted to take this picture as this will be the last winter with snow in this inside yard of the school. Next summer this space will be covered with a glass roof, to give us lots of extra space, but also to economize heating costs and prevent moisture damage. The garden furniture will find new places around the school, so nothing will be wasted.

We are in the process of designing a totally new style classroom in this space – no ordinary desks and chairs, for example. Interesting project!