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027/2011 no outside lunch yet

027/2011 no outside lunch yet, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

And not for some time, I don’ t think. Snow has become my photo theme for this week. I can remember sitting at this table many times last autumn. It’s in front of the inn, where I and one of my colleagues often go for lunch on school days. I am beginning to wish my time away with this winter…

But the yellow wall of the old house looked pretty amidst all the white.


026/2011 yes, there is a car there

A common sight along our streets. Cars in various stages of getting buried under snow. Looks as if this one is a beetle. Might be somebody’s summer car, so it doesn’t have to be dug out, but can wait for the snow the disappear in spring. In built and densely populated areas, the masses of snow are creating big problems. Modern man and nature at odds.

At long last some sunshine – light and shadow playing on the snow. What an instant change in my mood and energy levels!


025/2011 a glimpse of gorgeous blue

Momentarily, very briefly, the horizon became unusually blue even though we didn’t see any trace of the sun all day. Actually, haven’t seen the sun for over a week. The blue was somehow reflected through the clouds – very strange. And then it was gone.

I am really deprived of natural colour and light. Wishing my time away, and dreaming of spring and summer. Driving home today, they talked about many Finns now buying second homes in Thailand, where they spend half the year. I can understand why!

Anyway, to end on a happier note – getting this fleeting blue moment today was lovely!


020/2011 footprints

020/2011 footprints, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

A nightly footprint in the snow – the newspaper delivery person. Clearly somebody who has nothing to hide, and is not worried about leaving an identifiable mark behind. Yet, it’s not a consciously created mark, but purely accidental. The person would probably be surprised to know about my picture of it!

How aware are our students about their digital footprints? Will they fall prey to stalkers, or lose a job opportunity in the future, because of carelessly uploaded online material? Some schools warn and present scary examples, block and protect. All with good intentions, I’m sure. I would rather see students start consciously working on a positive online image at school, with the guidance of teachers. But do we know how to guide them?


013/2011 our snow barometer

013/2011 our snow barometer, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Two of our garden light bulbs are broken. It looks quite funny after it’s snowed. The heat from the still working bulb soon melts all the snow on it. The half broken pink bulb still retains a little bit of snow on it, while the broken one gatheres all the snow on it. I’m wondering why it is that the warm light balls create icicles underneath them, but the snow-covered one doesn’t. Must be to do with melting snow turning into water, and then the colder night temperatures freezing the dripping water – perhaps?

Quite a science lesson – but pretty, too! I think our light fitment has more character than our neighbours’ uniform, perfectly working ones. Nah – I’m just making excuses for our laziness to fix things around the house. There is so much snow in the garden, though, that I think we’ll wait till spring to change the bulbs.


012/2011 colourful details

012/2011 colourful details, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Which do you find more important, the big picture or the little details? At work, I’m usually a quick grasper of broad overviews, and easily get tired of fussing over little details. With photogaphy, though, I’ve noticed that it’s often little, seemingly detached, details that draw my eye, and make me want to arrange them into an interesting composition.

Today it snowed all day again. I went out during my free lesson, for a bit of fresh air, and to get some pictures before the last trace of the afternoon light would fade away. It was the orange in the knitted pole cover (part of the community art project of our school) that popped into my vision at first. That led my eyes to the red car, and finally to the repeating orange window panes of the primary school, in the distance. Looking through the camera lens, I also liked the vertical repetition with the pole and then the trees in the background.

In the end, it’s not a big picture versus small details. The two actually go hand in hand.


011/2011 treacherous ice

011/2011 treacherous ice, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

At long last, a little bit of asphalt visible in our yard after many weeks! I don’t know which is worse, though – a thick blanket of white snow, or the slippery icerink we have outside the door at the moment! I had to adopt my careful ‘winter walk’ again today, which, according to my family, makes me walk like a funny old duck! Better safe than sorry, I think – and at my age, I’m not worried or embarrassed about looking ridiculous any more.

Water, a prerequisite for life, and beautiful in a myriad of forms, can also turn out to be fatal in extreme conditions. We have been following the tragic news about Australian floods, and here in Finland, one person died and several got injured when, with the warming temperature, huge blocks of icy snow started falling from roofs.  How powerful the elements are!


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