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036/2011 frosty claws of winter

036/2011 frosty claws of winter, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

For some inspiration on a dull, colourless winter day, I let my imagination run wild and shot some unusual shapes in the nearby wood. Interestingly, all I saw was monster-like creatures, which might make me jump in the dark. Winter has clearly possessed me by now!

There was also the sleeping giant behind a tree.

A terrifying monster creeping out from underneath the thick cover of snow to get me.

Some hibernating bats!

And a one-eyed cyclops watching me.

No wonder kids never get tired of winter!


#131 blooming woods

131/365 blooming woods, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

We are so lucky to have woods right behind our house. It is wonderful to be able to observe the changing seasons through your window, and enjoy nature walks only a few steps from your front door.

After the white snow of winter, not it’s the time of the white anemones. And finally some green on the ground, too! This is one of the best times of the year!