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259/2011 training

259/2011 training, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Second day of a French teachers’ training course. Very useful and inspirational. A young educator from France shared all her vast collection of materials for games to encourage students to speak the language themselves. We also got good tips for using IWBs more efficiently. Isn’t it funny, though, that all the participants are women! Foreign languages are largely female-dominated subjects over here.


069/2011 a day of meetings

069/2011 a day of meetings, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

A row of orange chairs agains a grey wall. Three different meetings were part of my schedule today, in addition to my teaching hours.

What has happened to our teaching jobs? A huge increase in outside classroom planning and administrative paperwork has been added to almost each teacher’s workload. I’m just thinking how many more meetings could be organised online now, saving our time of driving from place to place, and the environment at the same time!


#279 how to cheer teachers up!

279/365 how to cheer teachers up!, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Everybody at school is tired and stressed out after the exam week, as the piles of marking don’t seem to get any lower on anybody’s desk.

To cheer us all up, a colleague brought these bright orange physalis branches from her garden, and some deliciously sticky toffees, too. This instantly brought a smile on everybody’s face when they returned to the staff room after their lesson. The simple pleasures of life, eh?


#276 a streak of light on the horizon

Drowned in work all day, so only one picture, which will have to do both for my 365 and the Daily Shoot:

Make a photograph that emphasizes the horizon. It’s your choice whether to place it on the third lines or to center it.

Just a quick look into the horizon from the balcony. One of those days again, and a photo to match… Luckily, hard work is paying off, and I am beginning to see some light ahead.


#272 another ouch!

272/365 another ouch!, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

This was today’s Daily Shoot assignment:

Create a photo that illustrates the word “ouch” with your own personal interpretation. (@muffett68)

Exam week has started again. I’m drowning in papers. Absolutely no imagination left for photos! Ouch, indeed!

C’est la vie…


#227 working late again

227/365 working late again, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

I have a bad habit of working too late in the evenings. Somehow I just can’t get started early enough. Too much coffee, and some tired frustration has become part of my evening routine.

Tonight, I made use of the late hour to try another ‘hard light’ picture. Just the one reading light on, in a dark room, created quite dramatic shadows.

Daylight tomorrow morning will be really hard for me. The alarm will sound far too early for my mind and body, which haven’t got out of the laissez-faire summer holiday routine yet.