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219/2011 so bright

219/2011 so bright, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Together with the sun in the sky, this bunch of amazingly yellow sunflowers from the market square made my day. One of my favourite flowers now and always!


209/2011 yellow beauty

209/2011 yellow beauty, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

These unknown yellow flowers arched their heavy tops so beautifully over the pavements that I just had to stop to take a picture. I don’t know if they are wild, or if the town has planted them there, but what a delight they are!


150/2011 happy

150/2011 happy, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

Such a sense of accomplishment – I am finally up-to-date with my daily photos again! Pheww! I want to celebrate this great feeling with these bright and happy yellow flowers from our garden (doronicum orientale – leopard’s bane in English, the net tells me).

I hope to find a way of convincing my quitting students of the value of persevering, despite inevitable hard times, delays and problems.


122/2011 signs of spring 1

122/2011 signs of spring 1, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

I can’t believe how busy life can get… So I set myself a task of taking a picture of ‘signs of spring’ every day this week, and then uploading the lot at the weekend.

This is a straggly bush next to our house that always blooms quite early in the spring. Lovely, yellow flowers. A real delight to enjoy!


068/2011 focus!

068/2011 focus!, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

In the middle of a hectic week of rushing around like a headless chicken, I took a breathing break in the staffroom, and focused my eyes on the lovely bunches of tulips that our male colleagues got for us ladies yesterday, for the International Women’s Day. This scene really calmed me down.


029/2011 yellow and blue

029/2011 yellow and blue, originally uploaded by rosipaw.

It’s not winter, is it? This make-believe photo helps me feel optimistic and warm. The feathery, backlit petal of the tulip, and the few white clouds in the sky make me free light and carefree.

We are so lucky to be able to enjoy the beauty of all the colours around us. It is so true that what you focus on in your life, seems to increase. I am focusing on colours this weekend, and it does work as an instant mood booster for me!